10 websites to earn money by selling photos

websites to earn money

10 websites to earn money by selling photos: Before knowing about the website to earn money by selling photos, I want to tell you something.

Earning money by selling photos is very easy now. Now if you want, you can earn money by selling your amazing photos. Today I will talk about exactly how and how you can sell all your amazing photos online.

About 48% of the global population owns at least one smart phone. Which means, exactly that amount of people use the internet. In today’s civilization, the Internet has brought us together globally and we can share information among ourselves if we want to.

A smart phone that is only used as a means of communication, however, is not. Rather, it is used as a means of taking pictures. If you have general photography skills, why not use those skills to make money by selling your photos?

10 websites to earn money by selling photos

You can sell your photos on various photo sites, art and craft market-places, social media platforms if you want.

Let’s know about those amazing sites to earn money by selling photos.

While reading this text you will come across the words exclusive and non exclusive. First of all, exclusive means that you have or will upload this image only to this site. And non-exclusive means submit to websites that earn money by selling unique photos.

1. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is one of the best websites to earn money. Around 2015, this micro-stock website came into the market. If you are a Photoshop and light-room expert, you can work on this site. Because Adobe Stock only accepts quality images.

Adobe Stock is a micro-stock site, where the cost of each image is very low and the amount of commission paid is relatively low. 0.20% to 3.33% commission is charged for each image download from this site.

Features of Adobe Stock Site

1. Type of License: Non-Exclusive.
2. Rate: 0.20% 3.33% commission is paid on every download.
3. Approval Process: Content approval is thoroughly vetted.

Advantages of Adobe stock website

1. If your photography skills are very good, then you can choose Adobe Stock as a field to test your skills.
2. For your needs, you can contact their team. They will provide all help.
3. This site is operated in a very reliable and professional manner.

Disadvantages of Adobe stock website

1. Due to intense competition, it is very difficult to achieve attraction.
2. No audio is acceptable for submissions

2. Shutter Stock (Shutterstock)

Shutter Stock is Another best websites to earn money. For the last 15 years in the photography sector, Shutterstock has been gaining influence as a popular website. One of the largest micro-stock sites considering the number of subscribers is Shutter Stock. Images on this site are approved within 2 days. That puts it ahead of other sites.

Mainly known for its excellent management, picture sub-mission process, non-exclusive license. The pictures are sold at relatively low prices. This stock charges a commission of 0.20% per download. But it is not right to think that you can earn a lot of money on this site. But how many images you upload will contribute to your total earnings.

Shutter stock site features

1. Type of License: Non-Exclusive
2. Rate: 0.20% per download.
3. Approval Process: Basically any picture is approved within 2 days.

Advantages of shutter stock sites

1. In terms of popularity, this site is slightly ahead of all. If you can present good work, the chances of getting good work later on will increase. It is best to earn money by selling photos.
2. You can easily sell your photos through this site.
3. It is reliable and quite professional.

3. Alamy

Elami is a brilliant micro stock photography website. Images on this site are sold at a premium compared to micro-stocks like Shutter Stock and Eye Stock.
More than 100,000 customers search images on this site every day. which is accepted as a suitable means of income. Also its payment method is very user friendly.

50% commission for exclusive images and 40% commission for non-exclusive images is charged for each image commission. Here users can choose between two types of options based on their flexibility.

Alami website features

1. License Types: Exclusive and non-exclusive license types exist.
2. Pay rate: Exclusive pictures are fixed at 50% and non-exclusive pictures at 40%.
3. Approval Process: Quality products are approved very quickly on trick criteria.

Benefits of Alami website

1. Basically any type of photographer can easily earn 50% more commission by selling photos.
2. This site is popular as a workplace of 100 million photographs every year.

Disadvantages of Alami website

1. Alami does not have a large community.
2. Photographers don’t have much opportunity to get exposure on this site.
3. Creating a profile and sharing it is not enough for this site.

4. istock photo

This eye stock is part of Getty Images. It is one of the most popular stock image sites with a huge potential customer base. The biggest advantage of this stock is that quality photographers upload their photos and sell them anywhere.

In order to improve the situation, high quality money plays a role in earning. This stock is a non class micro-stock site. Commission rate on this site is minimum 16%. Although not as high quality as Getty, this Stock Knock is associated with exclusive stock sites.

Features of istock Photo

1. License Type: Standard and Non-Exclusive.
2. Pay Rate: 15% for non-exclusive films.
3. Approval Process: Each film is approved keeping in mind certain criteria.

Benefits of iStock Photo

1. These stock images are used in all popular destinations like business or other fields.
2. Basically you will get recognition of your work as a skilled photographer on this site.

Disadvantages of Eye Stock Photos

1. Since it is a subsidiary of Getty Images, opening an account on this site is not that easy.
2. Photographs of certain locations are not accepted on this site without permission.

5. Getty Images

Gatty Images is another best websites to earn money .If there is one top quality site for stock images, it’s getty images.com. Getty Images has amazing quality images. You almost see getty images in various TV articles.

The best part of this site is that the images on this site are sold at an attractive price. In that case if the commission is 20%, then you are likely to get a good amount.

Images on this site are exclusive. So if you’ve uploaded an image to Getty Images, you can’t upload that image anywhere else. Also in terms of uploading images on this site, another plus point is that there are not so many rules for approving images here as compared to other sites.

Features of the Getty Images site

1. License Terms: All Images: Exclusive.
2. Pay Rate: 20%.
3. Approval Process: Every film has to go through an approval process.

Getty Images site benefits

1. It is a very popular and well known company in the industry.
2. It has more orders, through which you are likely to get more customers.

Disadvantages of the Getty Images site

1. The payout on this site is very low compared to other sites.

6. 500px

500P-X is primarily a photography platform as well as a community. Where pictures are sold. It presents its viewers with extraordinary pictures in various fields. Users of this site will get a chance to showcase their skills and also earn from this site. Above all 500px is a best websites to earn money.

500px Website Features

1. Types of License: Exclusive and Non-Exclusive.
2. Commission: 60% Exclusive and 30% Non Exclusive.
3. Approval Process: Each image is approved through a screening process.

500px website benefits

1. It is a popular and well-known photography site in the media.
2. If you want you can add profile with your work to this site.
3. It is managed by trusted and professionals.

Disadvantages of 500px websites

1. The free account is limited to about 20 images per week.

7. Can stock photo

One of the most popular sites for selling photos is Can Stock Photo. Images on this site are offered at lowest prices. If the picture is sold, 40% of it will be paid by the contributor. No sub-mission fee of any kind is acceptable on this site for monthly expenses. The customer has to go through three steps in submitting the image.

Can stock photo website features

2. Pay Rate: 40%.
3. Approval Process: Applications and sub-missions are to be applied for in case of 3 films.

Can stock photo website

1. You have full control over the images on this site. So if you want you can sell pictures on other sites and make money.
2. More than 50 dollars will be deposited in your account. You can withdraw money immediately.
3. This site has a huge number of active members of about 1 million.

8. Stocksy

The product quality on this site is better than other sites. If you can live up to that, you are totally talented. It has a 50% off price which sets you apart from other sites. But you must remember that the images are exclusive.

Features of the Stoxy website

1. LICENSE TERM: Standard Quality Fee and Extended License.
2. Pay Rate: 5% Quality Fee, 75% Extender License Fee.
3. Approval Process: Student Application and Approval Process.

Benefits of the Stoxy website

1. Premium Network is considered as the right partner in determining the quality of photographer.
2. Highest qualities pay 50 to 75 percent commission.
3. Approval Process: Strict application and approval process.

Disadvantages of Stoxie website

1. In this site you cannot join anytime like other sites. Rather, you have to apply in advance to work on this site.

9. Crestock

This site is very much like a shutter-stock site. It has huge customer base with more than million images and subscribers existing on this site. Basically, the cost of the images is relatively low, and the commission is charged at 40% in case of downloads.

But you are likely to become a cash flow by linking to other sites. Basically its approval period is quite long. There is a back-lock on their website. So the approval time is more than a month.

Creek Stock website features

1. The type of license is non-exclusive.
2. Pay Rate: 20℅ to 40% for each single subscription download.
3. Approval Process: Its approval process is quite lengthy due to back-lock.

Benefits of the Creek Stock website

1. It has a huge customer base with more than million images and subscribers

Disadvantages of Creek Stock Websites

1. The cost of the film is relatively low.
2. Its approval period is quite long. Approval time is more than one month

10. Etasy

It is a popular marketplace. It is considered a popular market-place for arts and crafts. This site has more than 30 million active buyers. So the earning potential is very high on this site. Listing fee is 0.20%. Each listing lasts for four months. Earning revenue on this platform is difficult. However, each user can customize their shop.

Features of Etasy website

1. The type of license is non-exclusive
2. Pay Rate: 0.20 Listing Fee, 5% Transaction Fee, 4% Payment Process.
3. Approval Process There is no approval process.
Advantages of Etasy website
1. It is considered a popular market-place for arts and crafts.
This site has more than 30 million active buyers. So the earning potential is very high on this site.

Disadvantages of Etasy websites

1. Each listing lasts for four months. Which is very time consuming.

2. Each user can customize his shop.

If you consider yourself a photographer, why can’t you make extra income through your photos? So highlight your qualifications and skills in the discussed photo stock. And continue to earn money by selling photos.

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