A Journey by boat composition

IF you are a student of Primary or High School, A Journey by Boat  Composition / essay is very important Composition in your Student lift. most of your exam it will be helpful for you.

Composition: A Journey by boat


A journey by boat is a very pleasant and interesting experience in our country. I live in Bangladesh. And Bangladesh is a land of rivers. So, it is not difficult to arrange a boat journey. Sometimes it is more convenient to have a journey by boat than by road.

Time for Boat Journey

The best time for a boat journey can be in the rainy season. During the rainy season, all the rivers of the country remain full to the brim and there can be no difficulty in rowing a boat. Most of the areas of the country can be reached by boat during that time. Even, during the rains, many of the parts of the country go underwater and become unsuitable for road communication.

Description of the Boat Journey

During the last rainy season I, along with three other friends, decided to have a boat journey to my Grandmother’s house. My Grandmother’s house is at Borishal. Borishal is on the river Megna and the easiest way to go there is by boat. On the appointed day we went to the Borishal river ghat at 7 AM. There we boarded on a passenger boat bound for Borishal . There were five boatmen in the boat. It was an engine boat. There were about fifty passengers on the boat. At the appointed time the boatmen started the boat.

The boat started moving on. It was a big boat. The passengers were sitting on wooden stools on the boat. After the boat started, the passengers got engaged in different activities. Some of them were reading books, some were reading newspapers, some were chatting and some were eating fruits and nuts. We saw many boats, big and small, plying up and down the river. The views on both sides of the river were very beautiful from the boat. The wind was also refreshing. The boat touched some places on its way. People got down and boarded on the boat at those places. The journey lasted for about three hours. At 11:30 AM we reached our destination.

Destination of our journey

My sister’s house was a short distance from the place where we got down from the boat. It took us only five minutes to go there on foot. My sister was very glad to receive us.


We enjoyed the boat journey very much. It is one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.

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