US scientists say aging is a disease which can be cured through treatment


Everyone knows that aging cannot be a barrier, aging is a natural law and our Creator made this rule for everyone. This is how most of us see life. “But I don’t think so,” said geneticist David Sinclair.“He has been researching this for more than two decades,”

he added. “Aging can be prevented – just a few simple habits needed for a long and healthy life,” he added. Dr. Sinclair believes that the day is not far when it will be possible to cure old age with the help of medicine. These drugs are now in the testing phase and with these drugs the aging process can actually be stopped, he says. aging is a disease

Why do people grow old?

Scientists have identified nine major causes of aging. “In my research over the last 25 years, we have found evidence that one of these halls is responsible for all the other factors behind aging and the body loses all its information,” said Dr. Sinclair.

He added that our bodies store two types of information – one type of information we inherit from our parents and the other type of information is created in the body over time due to environmental factors. One is “digital” information which is a genetic formula, and the other is “analog” information – which is called epigenome. Which is a system inside the cell, that is, which genes have to be turned on, which have to be turned off.

aging is a disease

Which of the 20,000 genes in a cell will be active and which will be inactive will tell the cell who it is – that is, what the identity of that cell will be and how that cell will function. But over time, this epigenome method begins to lose data.

Just like if an Android handset gets scratched, the handset may not work. As a result, in the absence of information, cells also lose the ability to activate the right genes at the right time – their efficiency is lost. “In my opinion, this is why people get older,” said Dr. Sinclair.

Why is there no reason for us to grow old?

Dr. Sinclair: Because nowhere in biology is it written that we have to grow old. We do not know exactly how to stop this process. However, we have gradually learned to delay this process. In our lab we were able to stop the aging process. In my opinion, this process – what is called epigenome in scientific terms – can be changed.

What I compare to scratching a CD has a huge impact on our lives. If we can do some things properly, it is possible to pull a rush on the clock of our age. Today, the watch’s breath can also be measured – through blood and sputum tests. We are rats, even whales. Examining elephants and humans has shown that each animal has a different way of life – so each of them grows at a different rate.

The important thing is that more than 70 percent of your future health depends on your lifestyle, not your DNA. Scientists have come to this conclusion by researching those who live a long time.

Life here includes whether you are eating the right foods – for example, the kind of food that people in the Mediterranean eat is very good. Eat low calorie foods, do not eat frequently. Physical exercise also helps. Many people think that using ice or cold water is also beneficial to reduce body temperature.

How do these help to slow down the aging process?

Scientists believe that the various habits of life and the changes we make to keep the body healthy make the body’s natural defenses against disease and aging.Feeling hot or cold, feeling hungry, shortness of breath – these sensations activate the body’s immune system. At the heart of this immune system are only a handful of genes. We tested them.

These genes control the genome. Appetite and exercise activate them. This is why we think that eating the right foods and fasting can help slow down the age clock. Aging is the cause of most diseases. Aging is the leading cause of heart disease, memory loss and diabetes. Therefore, if we can prevent aging, it is possible to prevent many diseases, strengthen the body and prolong life

. aging is a disease

(A recent study published in the scientific journal Nature found that mammals must grow old)

Isn’t that the opposite of your research?

According to the survey, it is not possible to prevent or delay aging?

Two hundred years ago, a man could travel as fast as a horse. Now a lot of new technology is changing. Even biology is improving. Technology is solving a lot of problems, a lot of improvements. The creative power of mankind has given him a better life. We will not live without technology.

We will also use technology to overcome old age. For thousands of years we have turned to technology to solve problems. This will be the next step – that is, we will overcome the limitations of our inherited health. We do this every day. We take medicine to change the body, we take steps to change the environment. In the same way we will change the chemistry of the body.

Why do you say aging is a disease?

The disease is not sudden. It nests inside the body. Gradually his symptoms, symptoms appear. Death also comes through the passage of time. The process of aging is similar. Aging is a disease. It is everyone. But just because it happens to everyone and we think it’s a natural law doesn’t mean it has to be accepted.

We are proving that this disease can be cured, this disease can be prevented, the manifestation of this disease can be delayed.At present, since we do not view aging as a disease, doctors are reluctant to prescribe any medication to treat aging. But some drugs can keep a person healthy for many years. Therefore, aging should be declared a disease – or at least a treatable health problem.

How do you prevent aging in laboratory tests?

How are we working to remove the epigenome process – much like handset repair. We have worked on many genes to see if aging can be stopped safely. We have not been able to succeed in this for many years. Even doing this in the laboratory, we have caused cancer by changing cells.

Eventually we find three genes called Yamanaka factors. These genes do not change the identity of the cell, but prevent it from aging. We do this in human skin cells and nerve cells. Then we tested on rats. The nerves in the rats’ eyes were damaged. We restored their sight by reviving the nerves in their eyes.

Will it work on people in the future?

There are people who believe this and want to invest money in research. I talked to them on my phone. They have promised financial support for two years to conduct research on rats. In the next two to three years we will start the first trial on humans. We will see if human blindness can be cured in this process.

What are the anti-aging drugs that have been discovered so far?

Some molecules we have found – are found naturally, can be made in the laboratory again. Either way. We have seen the promise that these will work to delay the aging process and prolong life. Studies have shown that these will work in the animal body and even in the human body. At least two of these drugs are already on the market.

An example of such a good drug is metformin, which is given to patients with type 2 diabetes. There is evidence that diabetics who take metformin live longer than people who do not have diabetes. Research into thousands of people who take metformin has been linked to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and the effects of these drugs.

Will we live forever?

Dr. Sinclair laughs and said  No, what about medical research?

What do we need to do to live a long and healthy life?

The difference is – we want to find out the root cause of the disease before tying the bandage. If you can do that, the results will be much better. And the whole body will benefit from it.

We do not want the age of the heart to decrease, but the age of the brain to increase. That would reduce the risk of heart disease, but more people would suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. We need to find a way where all parts of the body are healthy. I am moving in that direction.

How will this innovation benefit society as a whole?

Dr. Sinclair: Suppose you are over 90 years old. You will benefit personally. You can do a variety of things – say different careers, play with your grandchildren. Your children do not have to be burdened. Then there are the financial benefits.

I, my colleagues, and some economists in London estimate that if the average life expectancy could be increased by just two years, the United States alone would add 86 billion to the country’s economy in the next few decades. And if people could be given a healthier life for another ten years, the value would be 300 billion.

Where will this extra income come from? People will not get sick. The cost of treating the disease in America is billions of dollars. I’m not talking about health care – I’m accounting for medical care. If this money does not have to be spent on treatment, it can be spent on education or, say, on tackling climate change.

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