Beef nutritional benefits and Disadvantages

Beef nutritional benefits and Disadvantages

Beef nutritional benefits and Disadvantages : We will discuss with you about Beef nutritional benefits and disadvantages of beef. I eat a lot of beef but do you know anything about Beef nutritional benefits and Disadvantages ? Inshallah we will let you know about this today. There will also be about the price of beef in today’s market. So let’s get started.

The market price of beef

The price of beef remains unchanged throughout the year without any special reason. However, the demand for it increases during various social state events. In today’s market, the price of beef with bones was 600 to 80 taka per kg. And the price of meat alone was 600 to 750 tk. Liver 600 to 700 taka per kg. The reason for the difference in price here is the presence of excess fat. Selling buffalo meat as beef. You must check the market before buying meat. If it is a familiar shop, you will get extra benefits.

Why we need for beef

The need for meat is essential for the health of the body. And the biggest stock of that meat is beef. Scientifically proven, the amount of nutrients in beef is not found in many other foods.

However, nutritionists say that eating too much beef is harmful to health. In this case, beef should be eaten according to the advice of doctors.

Nutrition of beef

Beef contains protein, vitamins and minerals. Such as zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron. Which is extremely necessary for the human body. Nutritionists say beef contains vitamins B2, B3, B6 and B12.

Beef enhances immunity in the body. Contributes to the formation of muscles, teeth and bones and maintains good health of skin, hair and nails. Contributes to increase body growth and intelligence and helps in wound healing.

Beef also helps maintain good eyesight. Eliminates excessive laziness and fatigue. Helps prevent diarrhea, prevents anemia.

Benefits of beef

1. Beef contains nine essential nutrients for our body. These are protein, zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B6, iron and riboflavin.

2. Beef plays a role not only in physical growth but also in intellectual development and blood growth. 3 ounces of beef contains 125 percent vitamin B12, 90 percent protein, 64 percent zinc, 42 percent selenium, 32 percent vitamin B6, 32 percent iron, 29 percent niacin, 23 percent riboflavin, and 18 percent phosphorus. .

3. Beef is an excellent source of mineral salts. It contains zinc, phosphorus, selenium and a large amount of iron. Beef is also a source of important vitamins. You can get vitamin B-3, B-6, B-12 etc. from beef.

4. In addition to meat, protein is also found in bones, liver, brain, etc. The amino acids found in beef protein are very good for bone and muscle function. 100 grams of beef contains 22.6 grams of protein.

5. Zinc enhances our body’s cell maintenance and immunity. Normally 3 ounces of beef can fill up 39% of daily zinc.

Disadvantages of beef

1. Excessive consumption of beef increases the risk of constipation, which in turn leads to many more diseases and can lead to various harms to your body.

2. People who eat beef, mutton or mutton five times a week have a higher risk of developing colon cancer. So you should eat moderate amount of meat according to the rules.

3. People who regularly eat red meat are more likely to develop bad habits, including smoking and drinking. This increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.

4. Excess sodium in beef is harmful to the body. Sodium helps in raising or lowering blood pressure in particular. So eating extra beef can lead to high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

5. People who regularly eat red meat have a 12 percent higher risk of developing colon cancer. Processed red meat, on the other hand, carries a higher risk of death, so try moderate meals. Avoid eating meat if necessary.

6. Eating extra beef increases the risk of kidney disease. In addition, high levels of uric acid in the blood can be caused by eating too much beef.

How much beef can be eaten daily?

According to expert nutritionists, the daily safe dose of beef is 3 ounces or 75 grams. So you should avoid overeating at this level.

Our advice

Beef is a very beneficial ingredient for our body which fulfills the various nutritional needs of our body. We should eat moderate amounts of meat as overeating can harm us.

Let’s follow the rules and stay healthy.

Beef price nutrition and benefits

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