Benefits of Hatishur Tree

Hatishur Tree

Benefits of Hatishur tree

Scientific name: heliotopiam indicum (Heliotropium indicum) and the English name (Indian heliotrope) can recognize many useful plants.

This plant can be seen among other weeds near old buildings or along roads. White flowers bloom on the curved stems of this plant. This flower is white like ivory. The tree grows here and there with the weeds so it escapes the general view. Approximately one and a half feet tall. The tree trunk is hollow, soft. There are small hairs all over the body. The upper trunk of the tree is square, the lower part is relatively round. The Sanskrit name is Srihastini.
Scientific name: Heliotropium indicum (Heliotropium indicum) and English name ‘Indian heliotrope.

Benefits of Hatishur tree

(1) Its leaf juice is used to cure red chaka chaka spots due to fungal infection in the body.

(2) If the leaves are twisted and slightly heated and applied to the swelling, the swelling decreases.

(3) In fever and cough, the root of this plant is boiled with water and used to make a decoction.

(4) Poisonous insect bites – Application of leaf juice reduces burning and swelling.

(5) In traumatic swelling – leaves twisted and applied with a little heat, reduce swelling and pain.

(6) Those who have a cold can drink two spoonfuls of the juice of this elephant leaf, it will cure your cold.

(7) Typhoid fever: The leaves of this plant can be an effective solution in typhoid disease. The juice of its leaves mixed with warm water is good for typhoid.

(8) Eczema: To get rid of eczema, bruise the leaves of the palm tree and give it to the affected area. In this way, the eczema will be cured after a few days of use.

(9) Rheumatic rheumatism: Mix the juice of the leaves with castor oil and apply on the knots.

(10) Swelling of the gums: The swelling of the gums is reduced in the root of the gums of a person suffering from gingivitis.

11) Cut and torn: If the leaves of Hatishur are bruised on the cut and torn place, juice should be given in it, the cut and torn will heal.

(12) Acne: In case of acne or its scar, the leaves of the elephant tree and its young branches are bruised and applied on the acne 1 hour before going to bath in the afternoon, the acne heals and no more acne occurs.

(14) For pharyngitis – mix the juice of the leaves with a little hot water and gargle.

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