Why vaccines “don’t work” and will covid become seasonal


covid become seasonal it is not a theory. one day covid become seasonal just wait few days. It looks like we’ve been living in a coronavirus epidemic for almost two years now. We know how to take care, many have already been sick, even twice.
But again the incidence has increased, and sometimes it seems that all warnings are useless. Is that so? In the framework of the project “Together defeat the epidemic” organized by the stopcoronavirus.ru portal with the support of the Russian Ministry of Health, a microbiologist, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Virology at the Russian National Research Medical University, Dr. The NI is named after Pirogov Andre Chaplin.

What is already known about new infections,

How does coronavirus affect the body?

Andre Chaplin: Viruses are always there. Viruses also appeared as the first cells isolated from the external environment appeared.
Carriers of some genetic information that are able to enter cells and use them to prolong their species. The tree of life is infected by the virus from root to leaf.
Bacteria, fungi, other microorganisms, plants, animals are infected by viruses. And of course people.
No need to dramatize the current situation, we have been observing a new infection for almost two years and we are seeing: for most of the infected the story has ended successfully, they have recovered and they have survived.
But, on the other hand, we also know about those who do not survive. So we have to fight. The virus is evolving, and much faster than ours. And from an evolutionary point of view, it is not good for them that we die deprived of their habitat.
This is a general rule. Therefore, viruses that stay with a person for a long time, they, as a rule, sit quietly and do not cause a particularly dangerous disease. Take the same herpes virus for example. Unpleasant, but not scary.
But a person is constantly in contact with the animal world and has their own virus there and when as a result of such contact, a virus unfamiliar to humans changes its habitat and is able to spread among humans, it always happens.
The risk of new dangerous infections with which a person is not adapted. Coronavirus, fortunately, is not a plague or smallpox.
But in her, we all see, there is little delight. Many experts believe that the virus will change, gradually weakening its effects on humans and, like other coronaviruses.
As we know, it will turn into a common seasonal cold. But naturally it is unreasonable to wait for it to happen. Unlike antiquity and the Middle Ages, when the plague destroyed entire cities and countries, we have the power to fight and resist. We must use it.

covid become seasonal

RIA Novosti RDIF offers EU to use Sputnik light vaccine to recover Now they are tightening the rules of wearing masks again, calling for limiting communication.

Why all this, if it is known that a mask or any other system does not give a 100% guarantee against infection?

Andre Chaplin: It’s called the “Swiss Cheese Model”. It looks like there are holes in each slice, but the whole piece is opaque. It turns out that every degree of our protection (and it’s not just about wearing a mask) can be leaky and not completely reliable. But it works if you put everything together.
Let’s imagine a trivial situation: a person has been infected with the coronavirus, but still doesn’t know about it, even though he feels nothing. I’ve traveled on the subway for a few days and have definitely infected someone.
Suppose five people are infected. But if most of the people next to him on the subway were vaccinated, he would infect two, not five. Now imagine – he and everyone around him are wearing masks. He then infected only one, not five.
That is, as a result, in the same situation, but with different behaviors of people – not using or not using all protective measures – we see a completely different rate of transmission of the infection. Instead of rapid growth, we see a plateau when someone infects one.

The property of our mentality is more to believe the stories of friends than official data and if the security is further strengthened.
For example, if people avoid public transportation and go to places where there are lots of people, the situation is quite real. That sick person will not infect anyone else and the epidemic chain will be disrupted.
Many short terms give great results. Networks are full of messages like this: I have a friend after being vaccinated in intensive care So the vaccine does not work.

Covid will become seasonal Can you refute this position?

Andre Chaplin: It is a property of our mentality: to believe the stories of known and unknown people more than official information. Medicine has moved from experience-based medicine to evidence-based medicine for many centuries. And people find it difficult to rebuild their worldview. All the processes – getting sick, recovering or not recovering – all these possibilities. And if you try to look, you can always find the opposite example, negative information.
If you get vaccinated and don’t get sick, you take it as a norm and you don’t tell everyone around you about it. But if something happens that transcends, even in a negative way, then yes, such news spreads immediately and widely. On the one hand, we are accustomed to broadcasting negative experiences. In addition, it is more interesting to talk about what excites the mind of the speaker, because in this case we feel useful, involved, it improves our position in society, makes social contacts easier for us. Nevertheless, in modern medicine it is accepted that all statements (now including drugs and vaccines against Kovid-19) are confirmed by practice, statistics, clinical studies and epidemiological data.

covid become seasonal

Since the onset of the epidemic, a great deal of data has been collected on both the effectiveness of self-isolation systems and other anti-epidemic regulations and vaccine effectiveness.
According to the same “Sputnik V” there are independent data from clinical studies from Argentina, Hungary, San Marino – and according to all this information, the vaccine works, reduces the risk of getting sick and reduces the risk of serious illness. They say that vaccination is needed before history. Is there a risk of dying despite being vaccinated? Andre Chaplin: Unfortunately, there is always a risk. It is a reality. The so-called baseline risk of death. A certain percentage of the population dies, no matter what we do.

No one has a recipe for immortality. People with serious lung, cardiovascular disease, cancer patients – all of these groups are at higher risk for covid-19 and are at higher risk of dying from the disease. Therefore, they should be the first line to enter the vaccination room.
However, it is for this reason that in all countries where the supply of vaccines is low, they begin mass vaccination with those who are most in need: the elderly and the chronic. Coronaviruses can be seasonal, they say.
Andre Chaplin: There are options. If a coronavirus infection repeatedly “escapes” from the action of our immune system like the flu, it is more likely to become a seasonal illness.
When the majority of mankind is vaccinated and sickened and more effective drugs are available for treatment, COVID-19 will become a disease that will manifest itself from time to time i.e. covid will become seasonal, giving a local outbreak.
This is now the case with measles. Another option for event development. Previously, many people believed that after the huge flock reached immunity, the infection would be eradicated. That is, it will disappear.
But as time goes on, such beliefs diminish. To stop the epidemic, you need to do a number of things that will make the cove become seasonal.
First, the majority are vaccinated, and second, no matter how the virus changes, the vaccines are necessary for them to be truly effective. But we can’t say it yet. Third point: We do not vaccinate children yet. And fourth, we need a guarantee that the virus will survive in the animal kingdom and never come back to us. But there is no such guarantee. So it seems that this virus has been with us for a long time.
Covid will become seasonal if we follow the rules.


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