Dementia: Why we start forgetting recent events more than the past


Apart from the Kovid-19 epidemic, dementia is one of the major health problems in the world today.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a symptom of many diseases of the brain. normal and common feature of it is amnesia or forgetfulness. It is much more difficult for someone with dementia to remember recent events than in the past.

In most cases, there are problems with memory. Simply put, it is a forgotten disease. There are other problems with it, such as not being able to do one’s own tasks properly. Someone also has problems walking.

The World Health Organization says most countries are failing to address the growing problem of dementia.

According to the World Health Organization, more than five and a half billion people currently suffer from dementia, and that number will triple by the middle of this century. The disease was first mentioned in 1907 by a German physician named Alois Alzheimer’s. An autopsy of a woman with dementia revealed that her brain had dramatically dried up and that abnormalities had developed in and around the nerve cells.

Other symptoms of dementia include changes in behavior, mood and personality, being lost in familiar places or not being able to find the right word when talking to someone.

It can even get to the point where he can’t remember whether he ate or not. Where they put the key, whether they signed the check – all these are easily forgotten. They can’t even speak properly. They can’t match what you use word for word or what you say in one sentence after another.

Why is this happening?

Why do people forget – the answer to this question.Bangladesh Medical College, head of the Department of Neuro Medicine and neurologist Seheli Jahan said, “A specific place in the brain, which is the entrance to memory, is called the hippocampus. It is at this entry point that the disease attacks. This means that with dementia, the hippocampus dries out and shrinks.”

When it is well, it can collect various memories and organize them as a place. But when the hippocampus itself becomes ill, it can no longer organize memories.”

That is why people start losing their memories of the past, he said. “He remembers things from twenty years ago. Because they were people who put things in order. They have things in order. But there are no people who put things in order now! That’s why they start forgetting memories of recent times,”

Why is dementia?

Dr. Seheli Jahan said dementia can be caused by repeated strokes, brain infections, or hormonal imbalances, as well as vitamin deficiencies, in addition to hereditary factors. Studies have shown that amyloid beta protein is closely related to Alzheimer’s. It is thought that the accumulation of these proteins causes the death of brain cells. That’s why scientists believe that removing amyloid beta proteins could protect brain cells.

One reason- people are now living longer than before. And with age, the risk of developing dementia increases. The BBC’s health and science correspondent James Gallaher says the treatment for a life-threatening illness is as costly as dementia – which can be seen in this way.


Scientists say the human brain is truly a wonderful and complex structure. The brain is made up of more than 100 billion neurons. That being said, if everyone in this world had a computer and everyone logged in together and worked at the same time, then that work would not be equal to one-tenth of the work of the brain.

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