Facebook Protect Message: Account lock on 26th October


Recently, many people have received a new notification on the social media Facebook, that is A feature called Facebook Protect has to be turned on or turned on by October 28th. Otherwise, the Facebook account will be locked.

Many people are panicking after receiving such messages. Some people are also worried about what kind of spam or virus it is. Many have already turned on the feature again.

What is Facebook Protect?

Facebook’s website says about Facebook Protect that they have created a new feature called Facebook Protect. This Protect give extra security to several accounts. It is a voluntary (optional) program. It will give additional protection to the accounts of election candidates.

Initially, the program was created to protect the Facebook and Instagram accounts of candidates in the United States and Germany during the election. It was later introduced in Canada.

What is the reason for sending such notification?

Reported by Facebook.: “Your account is likely to reach a lot of people. For that you need strong security. It has created this security program to protect all the accounts like your account.” It says it has already introduced improved security for login.


Why Facebook account protection is needed?

When launching Facebook Protect, go to the Learn More option to find out more about why Facebook Protect is important.

That said, hackers are always interested in accounts that have a lot of followers, that manage important pages, or that have community significance. Facebook has requested the launch of this advanced security program to prevent such targeted attacks or intentional attacks.

What are the benefits of Advanced Security?

Under this, more strict rules will be imposed on login so that no one can access your account without permission. Also, if Facebook detects an unwanted login to your account, you’ll need to take a few extra steps to make sure you do so. If Facebook Protect is launched, Facebook authorities will constantly work to improve security measures. This may result in some changes to the account’s background.

You will also be notified when Facebook launches a new security program so that you can take advantage of it earlier than others. According to Facebook’s website, adding the program to your account will give it stronger security protection, such as two-factor authentication, and possible hacking.

how to setting Facebook Protect option?

According to the Facebook website, those who will be able to turn on this feature will be able to know it. Those who fall under it will go to the settings of Facebook and go to the Security and Log-in option and you will find an option called Facebook Protect. From there option can be turned on.

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