Facebook will spend $50M to create its own “Metaverse”

Facebook announced the creation of a special fund that will develop the “metaverse”. This was reported in the official blog of the company.
Data from 3.8 billion Facebook and Clubhouse users leaked to the Internet
According to the definition of a social network, a “metaverse” is a set of virtual spaces in which you can solve various problems and communicate with other people, while being in different rooms. The company claims that the “metaverse” is meant for a more productive time on the Internet. Facebook plans to build the “metaverse” in 10 to 15 years, taking into account the pace of development of virtual and mixed reality technologies.

What is this metaverse?

“The metauniverse is a mythical project that everyone presents in their own way. The company uses this beautiful word to designate a certain direction of activity in virtual reality, but has never named anything concrete. Therefore, experts and analysts, talking about this term, have to fantasize more. using for this basic knowledge of Facebook developments, “says Vladimir Zykov, director of the Association of Professional Users of Social Networks and Messengers.
In his opinion, the center of the “metaverse” should be a virtual reality helmet Facebook – Oculus. “This advanced development allows using special cameras to track the user’s movements without special gloves on hands, feet and lips and reproduce them in virtual reality. The second technology presented by the company is the ability to create its own virtual twin and conduct virtual meetings.” he continues.

What is the purpose of metaverse

The expert is sure that Facebook wants to create an analogue of the system from the famous science fiction movie “The Matrix”, where people will live in full simulation of a “full” life. “It is important for a social network to secure its future developments from attacks by the public and the state. Therefore, now they are beginning to lay straws and do different research, so that in the future they say that they relied on these studies in their development,” Zykov concludes.
Facebook showed glasses with built-in cameras. Vasily Bereza, CEO of Pike Media Lab, believes that it will be very difficult for Facebook to regain trust in the audience, which the company has lost after numerous information leaks, and users are unlikely to trust the new “metaverse”. Will the audience believe that Facebook will take a more responsible approach to personal data.

How it will be used in their new products?

There is a trend now to create systems independent of large corporations, and I think that the social network will be quite difficult to make the audience unconditionally trust their products, .
Bogdan Khomenko, head of NFT STARS, disagrees with the position above. Facebook’s “metauniverse” is a great project, comparable in importance to the launch of the first iPhone. In 2007, no one could have thought that this was possible, and even more so that such a form factor would become mainstream. Likewise, Facebook’s metaverse could be the impetus for global AR / VR adoption, “he adds.

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