General Knowledge for Bangladesh

We are discuss about Bangladesh with some Question and Answer. Please listen to gather General Knowledge for Bangladesh

Question – 1: which year is declared as “E-Commerce Year” by E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh ( E-CAB) ?

Answer : 2015

Question -2: Who has won Academy Award (Oscar) for two times as a first Bangladeshi ?

Answer: Nafees Bin Zafar.

Question – 3 : When did the embassy of Republic of Maldives start again in Bangladesh?

Answer: 1st January 2015.

Question -4: What is the name of Bangladesh’s first Chakma language short film?

Answer: Mor Thengary ( My Bicycle) .

Question -5: Where is the National Oceanographic Research Institute situated?

Answer: Cox’s Bazar.

Question: -6: When was the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority established?

Answer: 2nd February 2015.

Question-7: What is the present name of Dhaka Zoo?

Answer: Bangladesh National Zoo.

Question- 8: Which Bangladeshi has won the SAARC Literary Award 2015?

Answer: Selina Hossain.

Question-9: Where is the Bangabandhu Cantonment situated?

Answer: To the east of Bangabandhu Bridge, Bhuapur, Tangail.

Question- 10: Which country has become champion at 3rd Bangabandhu Gold cup 2015?

Answer: Malaysia.

Question -11: Which Bank has been converted from specialized bank to commercial bank?

Answer: Basic Bank Ltd ( March 2015)

Question-12: Where are the Swadhinata Stambha and Shadhinota Jadughor situated?

Answer: Sohrawardi Uddan, Dhaka.

Question -13: Who is the Bangladesh’s first centurion n World Cup Cricket?

Answer: Mahmudullah Riyad.

Question-14: What is the position of Bangladesh to produce Photos in the world?

Answer: Seven (7)

Question -15: Where is the sculpture “Banglar Bijoy” situated?

Answer: Sholoshohor , Chittagong.

Question -16: Where is the first “joibo sar karkhana” of Bangladesh situated?

Answer: Darshana, Chuadanga (17 April 2015)

Question-17: When did Bangladesh start exporting of crab?

Answer: 1977.

Queston- 18: What is the criterion in terms of area to establish a new upazila?

Answer: At least 300 square km.

Question -19: What is the position of Bangladesh in the list of happy countries according to SDSN Report in the world?

Answer: 109th.

Question -20: Which country is Construct Bangladesh’s first tunnel under Karnaphuli river?

Answer: China.

Extra two question for you

Question-1: What is the amount of Bangladesh Budget for 2015-16?

Question -2: Where is the Mawna Flyover situated?

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