girls as her husband likes

A woman or girls as her husband likes

A famous imam of the four schools of thought, Ahmad bin Hanbal. Imam Sahib’s son’s marriage is all right. One day he called his son and sat him next to him. He began to say in a sincere manner:

Parents! Do you want to be happy?
– No — Am Ya Abi! (Yes of course Abbajan!’)
Then you have to carry ten things for your future life partner.
– What are they? Where can it be found?
You don’t have to go anywhere. Don’t even have to buy. I, you, everyone has them. Not everyone can use it. This is what So let’s see, what are the ten things that are invaluable?

girls as her husband likes

👉🏻 Girl’s favorite person is first and second person

Women generally prefer romance. Khunsuti likes jokes. Claws are their nature. They love clear expressions of love. You will never be shy about revealing these things to your wife in private. Will tell him more love.

If you are careful about these things, you will see that after a few days an invisible curtain has been hung between you and him. After that day by day the relationship with each other will start to dry up. Love will find a way to escape through the window.

👉🏻 Girls’ favorite person is third person

Women don’t like tough-harsh-harsh-grumpy-rough men at all. If you have any such thing in you, shake it off now. Because they like civilized, polite, generous men. You acquire qualities to win his love, to reassure him

👉🏻 Girls’ favorite person is the fourth person

Remember this very well, as you want your wife to be clean, beautiful, neat, tidy, beautiful, fragrant, your wife also wants you. Be careful, therefore, that you do not, under any circumstances, neglect to meet his needs.

👉🏻 Girls’ favorite person is the fifth person

Home is the kingdom of women. A woman always likes to see herself sitting on the throne of that kingdom. He thinks of this kingdom in imagination, in dreams, in reality. decorates composed by Be very careful! Never go to break this blissful reign of your wife. He will not even attempt to dethrone him.

👉🏻 Girls’ favorite person is the sixth person

Women desperately want to get their husbands wholeheartedly. However, he also does not want to lose his father’s house. Be careful father! Don’t forget to compare yourself and your wife’s family. Don’t make this unfair claim, either choose me or your parents.
You don’t even think about it. If you force him to do so, he may be forced to accept. But somewhere in the depths of his mind, a muffled cry would die. A kind of latent disrespect for you will awaken in his tender heart.

👉🏻 Girls’ favorite person is the seventh person

You know, you have heard and read a lot that woman was created from the curved bone of the arm (or rib). This curvature is not his fault, but his beauty. Have you noticed the eyebrows? Where is the beauty of it?
– in curvature.
Absolutely right. Curves are what make eyebrows beautiful. If the eyebrows were straight, it would not look good. If your wife does something wrong, don’t get upset and throw a tantrum. Don’t try to straighten it when excited, otherwise it will break under the stress. And broken means divorce.

👉🏻 Girls’ favorite person is the eighth person

Did you not read the hadith?
– Which is Abbajan?
– That which means: Women are created in such a way that they are ungrateful to their husbands. All the good deeds done to him in the past are forgotten. If you have been nice to him for ages, suddenly one day you behave a little harshly, he will say with tears in his eyes: ‘I have never received anything good from you.’
Look baby! Don’t be offended by his behavior. Don’t begrudge him in response to his quick-witted nature. Even if you dislike this aspect of him, you will find many things in him that you not only like, but also fight for.

👉🏻 Girl’s favorite person is the ninth person

Women’s body and mind are not always the same. One time is the same. They have physical weakness at a certain time every month. Sometimes there is also mental instability. Considering their weakness and helpless condition, Allah Ta’ala has excused them from praying at certain times. Postponed the fast until his health and mood improved.
You are Rabbe Karim’s servant. May you also be blessed with the virtue of your Lord. Be a priest. You will be tender to your wife in her weak moments. Keep your emotions to shame. Your Lord will be pleased, your Rabbah will be pleased. will be grateful

👉🏻 Girls’ favorite person is tenth person

Always remember that your wife is responsible to you in many ways. Thank you for your beautiful behavior. You will take care of him. Will pay more attention to him. Adopt him. Then he will become the best asset for you. He will be considered as a perfect companion.

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