GM may cede title of “car market king” to Toyota for the first time in 90 years


By the end of the year, General Motors may concede the title of leader in terms of the number of cars sold in the US market to Toyota. The latter has already become the leader from January to September.


In the nine months of 2021, 1,777,483 vehicles of the brands belonging to General Motors were sold. For the same reporting period, Toyota has more cars delivered by 80,401 units – 1,857,884 cars.

Toyota confirms the release of the budget crossover Aygo X


Toyota confirms the release of the budget crossover Aygo X

Experts tend to believe that the reason for this situation is a shortage of electronic components. General Motors was not ready for their shortage, while Toyota, having learned from the bitter experience of dealing with the consequences of natural disasters, had details in reserve: “After the earthquake (March 11, 2011 – approx. that some parts should be in stock more, and microchips were in this nomenclature, “Automotive News quoted Bob Carter, executive vice president of sales for Toyota Motor North America.

It is possible that General Motors’ results will improve over the remaining three months, the GMC Hummer EV can help, but Toyota’s model range also has new things: a new generation of the Tundra pickup, RAV4 with new headlights and, of course, the Land Cruiser 300.


Earlier, Tesla reported record deliveries of electric cars in the third quarter.

The solar storm will hit the earth by October 30

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