Three Islamic short stories : mentioned by hadis

Islamic short stories

Islamic short stories: Today I will tell you three Islamic short stories, Insha’Allah. The first story is about a companion whose hospitality Allah laughed at. The second story is about the last person in Paradise and the third story is about Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (RA). Hope you read the full stories

First story of the  three Islamic short stories

Allah laughed at the hospitality of that companion…!

An incident taken from a Saheeh hadith. Narrated by Abu Huraira (RA):

A man came to the Prophet (PBUH). He sent to his wives (for food). They said, we have nothing but water. Rasulullah (SAW) said: Who will entertain him?

One of the Ansar said, I am. He took him to his wife and said, Respect the guest of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). The wife said, we have nothing but dinner for the boys and girls. You prepare the food, fix the lights, and put your children to sleep with Prabodh when they ask for dinner, says Ansari.

The woman prepared her food, fixed the lamp and put her children to sleep. Then he got up and went to fix the lamp and put it out. They pretended to be dining with the guest. But they kept fasting at night.

At dawn they went to Rasulullah (SAW). He said: Allah laughed or was surprised at your activities last night and revealed the verse: “They prefer others over themselves even if they are in need. Those who are free from the austerities of the mind are successful”. (Surah Hashar: 9)

Adabul Mufrad – 745
Hadith quality: Sahih

May Allah grant us Tawfiq to be more hospitable for the sake of Allah’s pleasure with a generous heart.

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The second story of the three Islamic short stories

Nabiji is sitting. The Companions are listening to his discussion in silence. Once the Prophet’s face brightened. He said, I know who will go to Paradise first. And I also know, who will enter Paradise last.

Companions are eager. No one is making the slightest move. As if moving a little will change the flow of words! The Prophet looked at everyone and said,
The last one to go to Paradise will be called. Only his minor sins will be brought before him. It will be said, have you not committed these sins in such and such a place? He will bow his head. will admit But his big sins are still hidden by Allah. He is worried about them. Perplexity. Even if God catches so many small sins, then the big ones are still left! But God is very kind. The Most Forgiving. He will say to the angels, change his sins to good deeds. Now the servant will happily say, Oh God! I had many sins. I don’t see the ones here.

Allah will laugh after hearing this. The Prophet also laughed. With all companions…

Musnad Ahmad: 21430, Shamael: 171

The third story of three Islamic short stories

The character of the Jews in the mouth of Abdullah Ibn Salam………..!

Written by: Khaled Saifullah Siddiqui

“Jews are a nation of liars. I am Alem son of Alem and Sardar son of Sardar. You call them and ask me; But do not reveal to them about my acceptance of Islam.’ This is the confession of a companion of Jewish origin. He was also well known as a Jewish scholar. The name of this companion is Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (RA). Ibn Salam (RA), a descendant of Hazrat Yaqub Ibn Yusuf (A.S.), the great Companion, who came to meet the Prophet (S.A.W.) as soon as he heard that he had migrated to Madinah, attended his court. be Then the people of Madinah came to the service of Huzoor (PBUH) in groups and accepted Islam.
Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (R.A.) had some questions before to verify the authenticity of the claim of prophethood.

He could feel the light of Rasulullah (s.a.w.) at the very first sight that he is truly the Messenger of Allah; He cannot make false claims. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) was preaching among the non-Muslims present. After listening to Waj, Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (R.A.) left the place without asking any questions. After that, he appeared for the second time in the presence of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and during a private discussion with him, he asked some questions that could not be answered by anyone other than the Prophet. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (R.A.) was so convinced after receiving a very satisfactory answer from the Prophet (S.A.W.) that he immediately accepted Islam without asking any further questions. Despite the fear of opposition from his people, he did not hesitate at all to believe in Huzoor (PBUH).

The words of Abdullah Ibn Salam (R.A.) with Rasulullah (S.A.W.) after embracing Islam are mentioned above. Then the Holy Prophet (PBUH) called the Jews of Medina and called them to Islam and asked them the identity of Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (RA). They replied, “He is our leader and the son of the leader.” The Prophet (PBUH) asked, ‘Can he accept Islam?” They said, ‘No, he cannot.” Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (RA) then He was hiding in the corner of the house. When Huzur (pbuh) called him, he went out to recite the kalma and came near and said to the Jews; Fear Allah. You know very well that he is the Messenger of Allah. His religion is completely true, but you do not believe in Him.’

The Jews felt unexpectedly humiliated by this and, burning with anger, began to say to Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (R.A.) ‘You are a liar and the worst of our people. Your father was also a bad person.’ Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (RA) said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, you saw, this is what I feared.’

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) gave him the good news of Paradise and some say that Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Salam (RA) was the eleventh Companion after the 10 Companions of ‘Asharaye Mobashshara’ (Given the Good News of Paradise). He died in Madinah on 9 October 43/663 AH. His words reveal the character of the lying Jews.

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