Islamic short story

Islamic short story of Hazrat Talha (RA)

Islamic short story of Hazrat Talha (RA) who received the certificate of Paradise is also his wife’s story.

Hazrat Talha (RA) used to pray Fajr every day behind the Prophet. But as soon as he returned the salam in the prayer, he did not sit in the mosque and quickly went home. After going on like this for a few days, the other Companions started discussing that Talha left after returning the salam every day. But the Prophet (PBUH) sat in the mosque after Fajr until the sun rose. All the other Companions also sit near the Prophet (PBUH). At one point this word reached the Prophet’s ears. The Prophet said to the Companions, “Talha should meet me tomorrow after the Fajr prayer

Talha was told this when he came to prayer the next day.

Fajr prayer is over. Talha is sitting to meet the Prophet. At one point the Prophet called Talha. The Prophet said to Talha in a very soft voice, “Talha! Have I caused you any trouble? Have I violated any of your rights?” Hearing this, Talha (RA) wept and said, “O Messenger of Allah (PBUH)! May my life be sacrificed for you. You have not wasted any of my rights.”
The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Then Talha! Why don’t you sit near me after praying every day?”
Talha (RA) wept and said, “O Rasul (PBUH)! I and my wife have only one garment for calling Satar. After that, when I pray, my wife is naked. Wife
I am naked when he prays. In this case, it becomes a little difficult during the Fajr prayer, O Messenger of Allah (PBUH). I left my wife in a cave while coming for Fajr prayer. In such a situation, if I sit here after the prayer, then my wife’s prayer will be nullified, O Messenger of Allah. That’s why I run away after praying.”

Hearing Talha’s words, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) wept bitterly.
Tears are falling down the Prophet’s beard. Immediately, the Prophet told Talha, “Talha! Surely you will go to Paradise.” Allahu Akbar
(The story is narrated in Musnad Ahmad)

think for a moment,
We don’t lack clothes, and we don’t have any pressure to pray.

O Allah, grant us all the grace to pray. (Amen)

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