Khalifa Haroon or Rashid‘s Story

Khalifa Haroon or Rashid‘s Story: Justice. Do you know about Khalifa Harun or Rashid? You will love to read the story to know.

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Khalifa Haroon or Rashid‘s Story : Raqqa is a city in Syria. From there came a letter to Khalifa Harunur-Rashid. The letter read: “The judge of the city has been sick for a month, the work of justice is at a standstill. Let the Caliph make arrangements quickly.” The Khalifa sent a reply to the letter.
The new judge will come in next week. A new judge joined within a week. The trial has begun.
The local watchmen produced an old woman in the court as an accused.
His crime was that he was caught red-handed while stealing some bread and honey from a restaurant in the city.

— Judge: Did you steal?
– Yes.
– Do you know how big a crime and sin to steal?
– Yes.
– Why did you steal knowingly?
– Because I was starving for the last week. Two orphaned grandchildren were also hungry with me. I couldn’t bear their ugly face and crying so I stole it. I had no other choice, sir.

The judge winked at the whole court. He said that tomorrow the city, food, Shariah, police chief and the dignitaries of the society should all be present. Then the verdict will be given.

The next morning everyone appeared. The judge appeared on time and announced the verdict – “The old woman was found guilty of theft and was sentenced to 50 lashes, 500 dinars and one year imprisonment in default.” However, because of telling the truth candidly, the cutting of the hand was forgiven. The judge ordered the guard to bring the whip and got down and stood beside the old woman.
The judge said that in a city where a starving old woman is forced to steal because of starvation, the biggest criminal is the Caliph of that country. And I came as the representative of the Khalifa. Since I serve under him, let 20 out of 50 lashes be inflicted on me. And this is the judge’s order. Let orders be obeyed and show no mercy or mercy to whip me as a judge.
The judge raised his hand. 20 lashes were given to both hands consecutively. Blood is flowing from the hand as a result of whipping. In that situation, the judge took out a handkerchief from his pocket. If someone moves to tie a judge’s hands, the judge forbids. The judge then said, “In a city where the mayor, the food warehouse chief and other social philanthropists cannot support a destitute woman. They are also criminals in that city. So the remaining 30 lashes should be equally inflicted on them.”
Then the judge put 50 silver coins on the handkerchief taken out of his pocket. Then the judge said to everyone present “A society that makes an old woman a thief, a society where orphan children fast is a criminal. So everyone present was fined a silver coin of 100 dinars.
This time, out of a total of 500 dinars, 20 of the remaining 400 silver coins were given to the owner of the stolen shop, with a fine of 100 dinars. He gave the remaining 380 silver coins to the old woman and said, “These are for your sustenance.” And next month you will come to the court of Khalifa Harunur Rashid. Khalifa Harunur Rashid apologizes to you. ”
A month later, the old woman went to the Caliph’s court and saw; The man sitting in Khalifa’s seat looks familiar. The woman approached the Caliph’s seat in fear. You can understand that the man is the judge of that day. Khalifa came down from the chair and said – I apologized as a judge that day for making you and your two orphaned grandchildren fast. Today, I have called the court to forgive this vile caliph who cannot uphold the rights of the people. Please forgive me.

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