King and Tenant Story The Product pricing theory

King and Tenant Story

We can learn from this story what a king should be like. We will show it in the King and Tenant Story. The story of King and Tenant is like as In the current scenario, our response to the rise in commodity prices is like this.

King and Tenant Story : The Product pricing theory

A Bania used to sell bread at the price of five rupees in the market.

He wanted to raise the price of his bread, but raising the price of any commodity without the king’s permission was a punishable offence.

One day, that Bania met the king and said – Your Majesty, I am unable to support my family with this income, so I want to increase the price of my bread to 10 rupees.

The king said – you change the price of your bread to 30 rupees instead of 10 rupees.
Bania said – Maharaj, this will start crying in the state?

The king said – you don’t have to think about this, you think about your profit, you will sell bread for 30 rupees from now.

On the words of the king, Bania increased the price of his bread to 30 rupees from the next day.

There was a cry throughout the city. Everyone rushed to complain to the king – Your Majesty, this Bania has started oppressing the people of the state, selling five taka bread for thirty taka.

The king ordered the sepoy – take this evil Bania to the royal court.

As soon as Bania arrived in the royal court, the king shouted – Shala haramkhor, you have so much courage, you increase the price of goods without my permission. These are my people, do you want to kill them by fasting?

The king immediately ordered Bania – from tomorrow you will sell bread at half price, otherwise I will impale you.

On hearing the order of the king, the subjects made the sky and the air resound with the sound of “Victory to Maharaj”.
Now look at the response, by the order of the king, five taka bread is being sold at 15 taka. The people are happy and the bania is very happy.

It does not end here. The next day the king sent for Bania quietly. As soon as the Bania came, the king said, “You have been abused in public tomorrow, you have done it, don’t mind it. And yes, you have said that the price of bread will be ten rupees, so you will give me those extra five rupees every day.”

Such is our current situation. We are going like the story of the king of the kingdom of happiness. We have no reaction to product price hikes.

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