Long-range radar detection drone developed in Russia


Russian designers have managed to create a unique unmanned aerial vehicle for long-range radar detection and control. The drone is capable of patrolling the airspace and performing the functions of a full-fledged AWACS aircraft.

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation The key feature of the S-70 “Okhotnik” drone was shown in the video “This is not only a reconnaissance apparatus and not so much a reconnaissance apparatus, this is a fundamentally new direction for our country in the development of large-size unmanned systems, this is a radar surveillance and guidance aircraft, an analogue of the A-50 and promising aircraft in this direction,” TK said on the air. Star “chief designer of the Kronstadt company Nikolai Dolzhenkov. According to him, the unmanned complex has the ability to provide radar coverage in a given area and detect any air targets, including low-flying ones. The advantages of an AWACS drone include the fact that it will be difficult to track the device to enemy radars due to the relatively small size of the drone, as well as due to the use of stealth technologies.

Note that work on the creation of an AWACS drone was carried out at the Yakovlev Design Bureau under the leadership of Nikolai Dolzhenkov back in the early 1990s. Military drones can be used as telecommunication repeaters for ships sailing along the Northern Sea Route. Unmanned aerial vehicles, replacing each other, will be able to stay in the air around the clock throughout the year, that is, communication in the Arctic will be constant and stable.

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