Refuji Lata

Medicinal properties of Refuji Lata

Our Bangladesh is rich in gold. All over the country, pearls are scattered in the bushes and forests. But the sad thing is that even today we do not recognize that pearl manik. We step on them and walk away, even then we do not think about it, we do not know whether it will be of any use. There are thousands of useful plants and foliage on roadsides, pond banks, forests and gardens which provide us with natural protection and also provide many benefits. Today I will tell you about such a useful plant.

Identification of Refuji Lata

The Bengali name is Refugee Lata or Asami Lata. The scientific name is Mikania micantha. It is also called Asamlata, Kaiya Lata, Buchilata, Tarulata, Refugei Lata, Sankhuni Lata, etc. This creeper is very vigorous, once given a chance to grow it spreads profusely, hugging the branches of other trees.

Refuge creeper continues to flourish in woodlands, fallow fields or roadsides. Refuge vines thrive without any care, once established they do not die easily.

 Medicinal properties of Refuji Lata

1.  Regular consumption of leaf juice in case of urinary burning problem will go away.

2.  The juice of this leaf is very beneficial in any liver problem.

3.  If the eyes become red, drinking the juice of this leaf will solve the problem.

4.  Chew three leaves with ginger if you have stomach inflammation.

5.  Regular consumption of this leaf juice keeps diabetes under control.

6.  Grind the leaves of this vine on the cut of the body and apply it on the wound and keep it for three to four hours, the joint will stick

7.  For those who have spring or measles, they should grind refuji leaves and mix the juice with water and wash the whole body.

8.  If the blood is contaminated, take half a cup of leaf juice mixed with a teaspoon of honey every morning on an empty stomach for 7 days.

9.  If you have stomach gas, acidity, take half-cup of Refuji leaf juice, it will cure.

10.  When bitten by poisonous insects, wash with the juice of refuji leaves, and apply crushed leaves.

11.  In case of itching, eczema, ringworm, wash with the juice of this leaf and apply the juice, you will see that it will be cured.

12. The juice of this leaf mixed with raw turmeric and applied on the body keeps the body cool and removes spots on the body.

13.  If you have a sore throat, apply lemon juice and this leaf juice mixed with turmeric and it will heal.

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