China changed people’s previous ideas about the moon


ideas about the moon

China brought frozen lava to the moon. Examination showed that they were about 1 billion years older than the specimens brought in previous expeditions. “This has changed our perception of the moon,” said a study published in the journal Science. The moon may have cooled much later than previously thought. ‘ “The samples from the moon in the US and Soviet missions are more than 2.9 billion years old,” Reuters reported. And the specimens brought to China’s Chang’i-5 expedition late last year are about 1.7 billion years old. It is believed that the volcanic activity on the moon has been going on for a long time than we thought before.

The Chinese unmanned spacecraft landed on the moon’s Oceanus Procelaram. The area is full of frozen lava. No spacecraft has landed there before. In that expedition, about 1 kg 631 g of soil samples were brought to the earth. One of the goals of the Chang’e-5 mission was to find out how long the volcano had been active on the moon. The authors of the register say, ‘The Oceanus Procelaram region of the Moon can be referred to as rich in high potassium, thorium and uranium. These elements have been radiating heat for a long time with a reduction in radioactivity.

The so-called tidal-heating may be the source of heat for magmatic (lava-related) activity, it added. Heat can also be generated by the effect of the Earth’s gravity ball. Through the Chang’e-5 mission, China became the third country in the world, after the United States and the Soviet Union, to sample the moon. China plans to launch more manned missions to the moon in the next five years. The Chang’e-6 and Chang’e-6 missions may be conducted at the Moon’s south pole.


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নবজাতক শিশু এর প্রতি করণীয় বিষয়াদি : পর্ব-১

নবজাতক শিশু এর প্রতি করণীয় বিষয়াদি : পর্ব-১

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