EU proposal and Why Apple does not accept the use of one charger in all phones?


The European Commission has proposed the use of a kind of charger in all devices, including smartphones. The 18-page resolution, presented on September 23, said, “This will benefit consumers and reduce e-waste.” The company may be forced to change the design of the iPhone. Let us try to know the whole incident by answering a few questions.

EU proposal

The proposal, called ‘Radio Equipment Directive’, also calls for the sale of devices without chargers. In other words, if you buy a USB-C charger separately, you can use it to give chargers to devices like smartphones, tabs, cameras, video game consoles, speakers, headphones.

The European Parliament has been talking about using one charger in all gadgets for many years. This time the law has proposed to implement it in 26 countries of the region. If the law is passed, USB Type-C (USB-C) connector will be used as standard for charging all phones and electronic devices. At the end of the debate in the European Parliament, the proposal will be adopted as law. Then the device manufacturers will have a maximum of 24 months to comply with the rules.

What is USB-C?

The full form of USB is ‘Universal Serial Bus’. The standard value for short distance digital data transfer. And the new version of that standard is USB-C. The design is symmetrical so it can be inserted in any direction. Apart from that, one cable carries data, audio, video and electricity together. The use of USB-C in the new smartphones in the market has increased. Whether on the iPhone, Apple’s laptops and iPads already support USB-C.

What will be the loss of Apple?

Apple relies on the Lightning connector to charge the iPhone. The charging connector that came on the market with the iPhone 5 in 2012, Apple has not moved away from it even today. At least for the iPhone. This is because Apple is using the USB-C port in the latest versions of the iPad Air 4 and MacBook. However, the latest iPhone 13 series still uses the Lightning port.

If the European Commission’s proposal to use a single charger on all phones is passed, Apple will suffer more than Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi. That is why the company has been opposing this proposal for a long time. Of course, there is no reason behind the opposition. Excluding the Lightning connector from the iPhone will lose Apple’s lucrative accessories business. Then the iPhone can be charged with any USB-C charger, Lightning connector accessories will not be required. Not only Apple, but also iPhone accessories manufacturers as well as consumers will face temporary problems. Apple has repeatedly objected to the European Union’s proposal. Arguably, this would hamper ‘innovation’ and if consumers were forced to buy new chargers, the mountain of e-waste would accumulate.

What should Apple do?

Europe is a very important market for Apple. However, they do not make different products in different countries. From that point of view, if the policy of the European Union is implemented, two paths will be open for Apple. One. Adding USB-C port to iPhone. Two. Making portless iPhone

It has been mentioned that Apple is moving towards complete wireless charging technology. That rule may be applicable from 2022 Meanwhile, Apple is also called the guide. Other companies have followed suit after dropping the headphone jack on the iPhone. Who knows, if Apple starts again, maybe everyone will follow the path of wireless charger.
one charger in all phones proposal is a good think for new world. one charger in all phones is a good sing for new world.

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