Reasons for breaking fast and Makruhs

Reasons for breaking fast

We are Muslim. So we have to must knowledge about fasting. Now we are discuss about the Reasons for breaking fast and Makruhs in our article.

Reasons for breaking fast and Makruhs

Abstinence from all kinds of food and drink and also from all pleasures and luxuries is called fasting from dawn till sunset. According to Islamic law, fasting every day of the month of Ramadan is fard or mandatory for every Muslim.

★★★ Reasons for breaking the fast ⇨

1) The first Reasons for breaking fast is Intentional drinking and eating.
2) Another most important Reasons for breaking fast,  If the wife has intercourse.
3) If the water goes down the hall while doing Kuli (of course, the fast will not be broken if the fasting is not remembered).
4) Deliberate mouthful vomiting.
5) Nasya intake, when medicine or oil is introduced into the nose or ears.
6) If someone breaks the fast by force.
7) If the medicine reaches the body through injection or saline.
8) Swallowing pebbles, stones or fruit seeds.
9) After breaking the fast thinking that the sun has set, it is found that the sun has not set.
10) If you do not intend to fast the entire month of Ramadan.
11) Swallowing food items from teeth.
12) Smoking, ingesting smoke by intentionally burning incense or agarbatti.
13) Swallowing a mouth full of vomit.
14) If you eat and drink after Sadiq in the morning thinking that it is night.
15) If he wakes up in the morning after Sadiq, he falls asleep with a drink in his mouth.

★★★ Makruhs of fasting ⇨

1) Chewing or chewing something unnecessary.
2) Putting something in the mouth.
3) Gargling or pulling water into the nose. But if the water reaches the throat through the nose, then the fast will be broken.
4) Deliberately depositing spit in the mouth and swallowing.
5) Backbiting, swearing and quarreling. If someone comes to argue with you, say, I am fasting and unable to answer you.
6) Remaining impure throughout the day.
7) Expressing restlessness and irritation.
8) Cleaning teeth by chewing coal or using powder, paste and paste etc.

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