Learn about the reasons for reducing iPhone production.

In September and October, Apple made 20 percent less iPhone 13 models than previously planned. The Japanese media Nikkei said this on Wednesday quoting a source who knows about the matter.

The end of the year is already very important for Apple. The US company spends a lot of time in December during the holiday season. Because shoppers usually buy Apple products as gifts before Christmas.

However, the iPhone 13 series and the new iPad were announced in September. At the time, the global microchip crisis was hit by electronic equipment manufacturers. That crisis has not only increased but also decreased. The chip crisis has created an imbalance between Apple’s demand and supply.

Apple CEO Tim Cook told Reuters in October that the impact of the supply-chain management challenge would be even greater during the Christmas holiday season than in the previous quarter.

IPhone and iPad production was shut down for several days in October. This has never happened in more than a decade. This is mainly due to the imposition of restrictions on the use of electricity in China and the chip crisis.

During September and October, production of the iPad fell by almost 50 percent less than planned. According to Nikkei, the production of previous models of iPhones has also decreased by 25 percent.

In addition, according to a report in Bloomberg last week, demand for iPhone 13 smartphones has also declined, according to Apple.

If you know more about the reason for the decline in iPhone production, you can let us know.

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