Reminder: What are the risks of getting vaccinated after being infected with corona?


Many have recovered from the coronavirus. After resting for a while, he resumed his normal activities. Their bodies have normally produced antibodies to the coronavirus. In this case, even if the vaccine can be harmed?

It needs to be known. This is what Apoorva Mandavilli said in The New York Times online edition. Many specialist doctors believe that antibodies caused by normal processes in the body become ineffective within six months. So it is better to get vaccinated once you have recovered from the corona infection. There is no harm in that. Even if the body has antibodies, the vaccine will still act as a booster dose.

However, many experts say that once corona is healed, antibodies remain active in the body for five to ten years. Experts disagree on this point. But even without going into this debate, we need to at least know, even if you do not have the risk of harm if you get vaccinated? Marion Pepper, an immunologist at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, said that there is no risk of harm if the corona patient is vaccinated. Rather the body’s immune system will be stronger. The booster dose will work.

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