Cosmonaut Samokutyeev Story of Return from Orbit


Story of Return from Orbit is aewsome story in cosmonaut. Even per day before the transition of Oleg Novitsky, Yulia Peresilde and Klima Shipenko in the descent apparatus of the Soyuz MS-18 ship, head of the Russian segment of the ISS.

Vladimir Soloviev pleased with the news of good weather, which is predicted at the expected landing room early in the morning of October 17.

What was

And in the language of professionals, well-understood by Oleg Novitsky and the Solovyov itself, confidently added: Sit without “Kuvarkov”.

This fragment of the dialogue between the PC and the Russian crew of the ISS, broadcast on the NASA website, in the presentation of TASS looked like this: “Weather … I, honestly, I don’t remember, I didn’t immediately pick up the words twice visited Vladimir Soloviev twice.

Story of Return from Orbit

Clouds are practically no, Everything can be seen … winds – too, a maximum of 2-3 meters near the earth. Temperature + 4 … + 5 degrees. Pretty good weather. If everything is so survived, then you are straight on the bottom of the bottom of any knuckles and other troubles. “

Oleg Novitsky, who fell into one person – the commander of the ship and the flight engineer – to lead the descent from the orbit, this forecast was pleased. But immediately made it clear that he and his companions were ready for everything. “

How and why and why weather conditions can seriously complicate landing and make it difficult to find the search for the land of Russia, the pilot-cosmonaut, and now the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Samokutyaev.

There are two adverse factors that can affect: strong wind and fog.

What is critical in the wind?

If it is strong enough in the surface layer, then it can sink a descendable apparatus. And the engines of a soft landing, which will certainly work, can work falsely. For example, not at that height on which it is regular

. Because of this, a side blow may occur, which is not very comfortable, gently say, for the crew. In his first flight, when returning, I felt it, and very specifically: a strong blow, several focus and coups then made our device.

Story of Return from Orbit

And the other story is a fog, in the second flight there were collided with him. We had a wonderful descent – automatic, walked according to the program – everything is as expected.

And we discovered on time. And then, at an altitude of about 300 meters lost in the fog. From helicopters, they did not see anything further, they could not sit at the right point.

We expected a group of salvation quite a long time – we were looking for, which is called, “to the touch.” Helicopters did not fly, and literally “toured” because they were afraid in conditions of almost zero visibility to the lacquer to hurt our device. Fortunately, everything ended well.

How was the mission?

According to Alexander Samokutyaeva, the condition and condition of the soil, its relief, the presence of water and other objects at the landing point. 

Here, as far as I know, the intelligence has already been conducted by search groups. And the state of soils at the landing ground, as already reported, corresponds to the conditions of a safe landing, “signed the interlocutor” 

Recall that the Union of MS-18 started from Baikonur on April 9, 2021 – on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the flight Yuri Gagarin with his estate on board. And with the same name returns. In the spring,

he delivered on the ISS of Russian cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky (commander of the ship), the board engineer Peter Dubova and Astronaut NASA Marka Wanda Hai. And on the reference went on the night of October 17 with the same commander and two participants of the flight, arriving on the ISS two weeks ago, for filming a movie “Call”.

Story of Return from Orbit

Actress Julia Peresilde and director Klim Shipenko, prepared for work on the ISS on the ultra-like program, of course, do not have professional skills to manage the Soyuz ship at the descent stages. Therefore, the whole hope for the experience of Oleg Novitsky, automation and clear work in the press.

The solar storm will hit the earth by October 30

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