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British company Rolls-Royce has recently developed an electric aircraft called Spirit of Innovation which has set a record in terms of speed. During the test flight, the maximum speed of the aircraft was 623 kilometers per hour.

Following the successful high-speed flight of this fully battery-powered aircraft, there has been renewed talk about electric aviation, which will encourage the development of the next generation of electric passenger aircraft.

Fossil fuels are now used in aviation, which produces large amounts of carbon emissions. This causes the atmosphere to heat up.

A scientist at the University of South Carolina in the United States. Tanvir Farooq – who is researching aviation technology – says.

The Spirit of Innovation has proved that it is possible to fly an aircraft with electric power. And it also makes it possible for a battery-powered aircraft to carry passengers.

How fast can an electric plane fly?

In response to this question. Farooq said – there are still doubts about that. It is a propeller-powered aircraft. Such aircraft have a certain speed limit. With propeller-powered aircraft, I will never be able to fly faster than sound.

Dr. Farooq added that all the airlines currently operating, such as Boeing or Airbus, are turbo fan or turbo jet aircraft. With this technology, high-velocity air is drawn and the air is expelled with the engine exhaust at the rear of the aircraft at high speed so that the aircraft can fly at high speed.

But propeller-driven technology works differently. It may be mentioned that all the passengers or warplanes during the Second World War were propeller-powered.

The aircraft moves forward to rotate the propeller. This leaves a limitation on how fast it can go and how much capacity it will have.

How to build a high speed electric plane

Rolls-Royce says its Spirit of Innovation aircraft has flown more than three kilometers at a speed of 558 kilometers per hour and has traveled 15 kilometers at a speed of 532 kilometers per hour.

The previous record for the fastest electric aircraft flight was set by Siemens e-aircraft in 2017. However, it was not a fully electric aircraft – it was a hybrid aircraft. That is, some powered by fossil fuels and some by batteries.

Now this Rolls-Royce aircraft is fully electric and its speed was 213 kilometers faster than Siemens’ aircraft. Which was a fantasy to come true.

Professor. Tanvir Farooq said, “Current aircraft are capable of flying even faster using fossil fuels. The speed of an aircraft is calculated by the MAC number. This MAC is the number to determine how fast or slow an aircraft is moving faster than the speed of sound.”

The maximum speed of Spirit of Innovation is Mach 0.5. That means it can go at half the speed of sound. But the speed of modern Dreamliner Boeing-7 is from Mach 0.8 to Mach 0.75. This means that these conventional aircraft can fly faster than the Spirit of Innovation.

The biggest achievement of the Spirit of Innovation is that it runs on a fully electric system. The propeller that is being run on this aircraft runs on battery power.

How did the plane fly so fast using electricity?

In the last four to five years, there has been great progress in the field of battery technology, both in terms of engineering and technology. Its power has increased significantly. This aircraft is an example of that.

Due to the high power of the battery, it can rotate the propeller faster. How fast an aircraft moves forward depends on how fast the propeller is spinning.

Use powerful batteries

The battery used in the Spirit of Innovation aircraft has a power of 400 kW which is equivalent to a 535 brake horsepower or BHP supercar.

This means that the plane is moving so fast that it has to be pulled back by 535 horses to stop it. Rolls-Royce says that with the power they have in this battery, it is possible to charge seven and a half thousand phones.

Is it possible to fly a plane with passengers?

During the experimental flight of the Spirit of Innovation, there were no passengers except the pilot. But is it possible for a battery-powered plane with hundreds of passengers to fly as fast as a normal plane?

Scientists say how fast an airplane flies depends on its payload. Pay-load is the aircraft’s carrying capacity.

A huge part of the weight of the Spirit of Innovation is the weight of its batteries. But as a common aircraft burns fuel, it loses weight as it progresses. But in the case of this battery-powered aircraft, there will be no change in its weight during the journey. This will result in a lot of dead-weight. Because he has to carry this battery from beginning to end.

How far and how high can fly

At the same time, it is not possible to travel long distances with a battery-powered aircraft. So far, the battery technology does not seem to be able to fly for a long time. Spirit of Innovation can fly for 10/15/16 minutes.

This Rolls-Royce aircraft is not the only one to set a new speed record. Records have also been set for high-flying. The spirit of innovation aircraft also broke the record of going at an altitude of three thousand meters.

There are some advantages to flying above. The higher you go, the lower the air density. A decrease in air density means that the aero-dynamic drag that slows down due to friction will decrease. This will allow the aircraft to fly faster and longer.

The role of electric aircraft in reducing carbon emissions?

Rolls-Royce chief executive Warren East said the engine of the Spirit of Innovation would help reduce the aircraft’s carbon emissions.

Comments on the spirit of innovation

The first step is to see how many passengers this battery-powered aircraft can carry. If the plane can carry one passenger then there is no such advantage. Because 100 electric planes will be needed to transport 100 passengers. ”

Second, we must consider where the charge for these batteries is coming from. If I charge my battery by burning fossil fuels, then there is not much profit.

Thirdly, it is a misconception that carbon emissions can be reduced by being electric. But in the end, net emissions depend on how much fossil fuel I burn when I go to electric.

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