Russia for the first time in the world sent a filmmaker and actress into space


filmmaker and actress into space

filmmaker and actress into space Millions of viewers watched our unique space launch on October 5th. Baikonur Cosmodrome, 11:55 Moscow time. According to the schedule, exactly, tfilmmaker and actress into space he Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle with the Soyuz MS-19 manned spacecraft took off from the launch pad and soared upward. On board – the first “movie crew” in the history of astronautics. These are the Hero of Russia cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, film director Klim Shipenko and actress Yulia Peresild.
Russia was the first in the world to send a director and actress to the International Space Station. And not just to admire the beauty of the Earth from a height of more than four hundred kilometers. They have to shoot a full-length feature film in orbit. Which no one has ever done before.

The scientific and educational project “Challenge” will be implemented during the ISS-66 expedition. The planned duration of its work is 174 days. And Peresild and Shipenko will spend at least 12 days at the space station.

To say that emotions were off scale is to say nothing. And from specialists, and from fellow filmmakers, and from journalists. The spacecraft reached the ISS after two orbits, in about 3 hours and a half. It is significant: this was only the third manned launch under such an ultra-short circuit. A two-day one is traditional, when the ship makes 34 revolutions around the Earth.

The film crew met with the astronauts aboard the ISS
At 15.12 Moscow time, the “kinoekipazh” moored to the “Rassvet” module of the ISS Russian segment. Fantastic. To the space station, like by train to Kaluga. True, here, too, I had to worry: the automation began to malfunction, so we decided not to risk it and switch to manual control. The specialists will certainly figure out what the matter is.

“The situation is regular. For this, there is a backup system, manual control capabilities, and for this we train commanders so that they can cope with this task,” said Dmitry Rogozin, head of Roscosmos.And now Soyuz-MS-19 separated from the third stage of the launch vehicle. “The ship has entered low-earth orbit” – the announcer’s words were drowned in thunderous applause. Like in the movies. By the way, at the moment of the launch of the rocket from the Baikonur cosmodrome, the commander of the crew Anton Shkaplerov said the traditional: “Let’s go!


“I’m just in shock,” the eldest daughter of Yulia Peresild Anya, who was watching the start of her mother, honestly admitted. It is still difficult for her to imagine that her mother is “there”. Here is the wife of Klim Shipenko with the baby. And her feelings are also overwhelming.

Dmitry Rogozin, general director of Roscosmos, noted that it was difficult for the combat crew at the Baikonur cosmodrome to work during the launch due to the huge number of guests. According to him, in recent years it was believed that this is an ordinary job, no different from any other job. But those who were present at the cosmodrome yesterday saw how all this is happening.

By the way, according to the press service of Channel One, the live broadcast of the launch on the Internet has collected more than 10 million views.

The launch of the film crew has already been appreciated overseas. I remember that last year they announced plans to launch actor Tom Cruise and director Doug Lyman into space. It hasn’t worked yet. So the movie superman, probably, only has to bite his elbows. Our Julia Peresild became the first space actress.

filmmaker and actress into space

filmmaker and actress into space


This has never happened before in the history of world cosmonautics: for the first time a feature film will be filmed not in the studio’s pavilion, but in the Earth’s orbit. And space professionals will help them in this. Which will also appear in the film.

Yulia Peresild plays a surgeon who, according to the plot, goes into orbit to save an astronaut. And here it is necessary to say once again about who brought the filmmakers to the “set” – Anton Shkaplerov. This is the fourth flight for him. Behind 533 days spent in zero gravity, he twice worked in open space. But experience is experience, and when there are two space flight participants in the crew at once, or simply two “amateurs”, and there is no flight engineer, this is extremely serious. And this is also a kind of challenge – to completely take over the control of the spacecraft.

The world’s first “movie crew” went to the ISS

It was not only the commander and his entire crew who were preparing; they were preparing the ship itself. Thus, Soyuz MS-19 was equipped with portable consoles so that it could be operated by one person. “I had to learn how to operate the spacecraft alone. Our Soyuz was equipped with a new portable remote control for especially important commands, which is usually performed by a flight engineer. At certain stages of the flight, I will get it out and issue the necessary commands,” Anton Shkaplerov said in an interview with the Russian Space magazine.

For training, the complex simulator of the spacecraft at the Cosmonaut Training Center was finalized, the onboard documentation was rewritten. Part of the operations is entrusted to Peresild and Shipenko. As the commander explained, near Yulia there is a valve for supplying oxygen to the descent vehicle, and to the left of Klim there is a valve for supplying oxygen to spacesuits, as well as air ventilation dampers.

The director and actress were preparing for an accelerated program. Nobody hides: it was not easy. However, the difficulties faced by all participants in the ambitious project do not force people to abandon the idea of ​​accelerated training for flights of people of various professions. On the contrary, practice has shown that it is quite realistic and even necessary.

“Now the task was to prepare an actress and a director for the flight to shoot a feature film. But it is possible that in the future we will be able to quickly prepare a doctor or a person of another specialty, for example, to assist the crew or personally participate in some important experiment on the ISS.” , – said Shkaplerov at the pre-launch press conference.

When a new movie is made, it’s always good. And when they promise a super-project tied to space, it’s just great. How not to recall the premiere of the film “Saluta-7” by Klim Shipenko in the Kremlin Palace: the hall is crowded with the Heroes of Space. The stars shine both for those who flew and those who made rockets and ships that they flew. The nerves were beating: “We can return only one person to Earth!”

The blockbuster was based on the real dramatic events of 1985. But there were also enough artistic inventions. One of the heroes-rescuers, the flight engineer of the Soyuz T-13, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Viktor Savinykh, told the RG correspondent: “I was categorically against the episode where the cosmonaut repairs the solar sensor with a sledgehammer. still stayed. ”

However, the fact remains: the film broke all attendance records. And the competition in universities for space specialties just jumped. It is no coincidence that the commander of the backup crew, Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, noted: “This flight is the most profitable, the best investment in the future of our cosmonautics.”

An interesting detail. While preparations were underway for the filming of the film “Challenge”, Roscosmos had already received two applications for commercial flights.

filmmaker and actress into space

Only in “RG”

It is known that any crew member can take some personal items with him into orbit – no more than 1 kg. For example, Yulia Peresild took with her photographs of her children and a photo of Alena Mordovina’s “understudy”. But Klim Shipenko took a mascot T-shirt with him into space: he begins to shoot every new film in it. “RG” asked: what is written on the mascot T-shirt? “The caption says Impossible is nothing, which means Impossible is nothing,” the director replied.

What do astronauts in orbit get sick with in reality?

Until now, crews have flown and are flying in Earth orbit. As they say, “close by.” Therefore, the entire system of medical support is built on the possibility of returning if suddenly a life-threatening situation arises. “At one time, for example, options for providing surgical assistance in space flights were developed. We even have some exhibits in the museum,” Academician Oleg Orlov, director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told the RG correspondent. suspended. We fly in orbit – and it is easier to land. But interplanetary flights will be autonomous and will have other fundamental differences. ”

Answering the question whether appendicitis should be excised in astronauts who will fly, for example, to the moon, the scientist replied: “You asked a very good question. I already mentioned that the problem of surgery in space flight has not been solved. And if only there was appendicitis. If If we look at the table of possible risks in the development of certain situations, then I probably agree: it is easier to remove appendicitis so that this risk does not arise in flight. But other situations may arise that require surgical intervention. So how? Now there are different technological approaches, including robotics. This is the most important topic. ”

In general, as experts say, most often astronauts complain of headaches, vestibular disorders, and nausea. Even a runny nose happens: there are fans there too. He worked sweaty next to him – and that’s what he got. Minor injuries, bruises, sprains occur. After all, the physical activity is enormous. There was a case. The astronaut trained on a treadmill. To imagine: two tension bands pull it from both sides to the simulator with a force of about 50-60 kilograms. The “running” speed is about 11 km per hour. And suddenly one pull came off. The man was practically thrown in the other direction. Thank God there were no injuries.

Valeria Shipenko, mother of the director:

– You took me by surprise – the ship has just docked. There were difficulties, we were nervous, I already wanted to run away – to leave the hall. But then at the exit – they stopped: docked !!! The third time, manually. You understand how symbolic it is, even unthinkable. Klim filmed the same situation in his film “Salute 7”, he lost it all. And now it happened in real life. Of course, I was very nervous. We were all worried here for two days. They saw off, supported. Of course, the guys are doing well. But for us – loved ones – their tension is still visible.

Sergei Selyanov, producer of the film “Salute 7”:

– The moment of docking in many respects repeated the one that was shown in the film by Klim Shipenko “Salute 7”. The movie is based on real events. As it turned out – not only in the past, but also in the future. And Shipenko has something to do with both. Apparently, in the movie “Salute 7” he predicted his future. But this is already very specific. And in the broadest sense of the word, all outstanding films and works of art – if they continue to live, then they are relevant to the present day. Everything that is alive means alive.

A comment
Especially at the invitation of Konstantin Ernst, Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova came to Baikonur for the start of the first film to be filmed in space.

On her Facebook page, Olga Borisovna, after the start and successful docking, posted a photo and video and wrote: “Guys, Klim, Julia and Anton, we root for you, we are worried and are waiting on Earth, at home.”

And especially for the readers of “RG” Olga Lyubimova added the following to her words:

“In fact, this is the incredible courage of our guys. And an absolutely piercing scene of meeting with families through the glass. Such courage! Klim Shipenko commanded on takeoff:” Camera, motor! ” They believed in us, let us into their team, taught us.”

filmmaker and actress into space

filmmaker and actress into space

filmmaker and actress into space

filmmaker and actress into space

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