Concern “Pokrovsky” invested 1.4 billion rubles modernization of the equipment for agricultural products in Russia


GC “Concern” Pokrovsky “- one of the largest producers of agricultural products in Russia, continues to increase the efficiency and productivity of its work. rubles. Photo: courtesy of the press service of the Pokrovsky Concern Group of Companies Photo: courtesy of the Pokrovsky Concern press service

In the current season, GC “Concern” Pokrovsky “expanded the sown area under the main crops. 104.5 thousand hectares were sown with winter wheat, which is 9 thousand hectares more than last year. Barley – 10.4 thousand hectares (1 In addition, due to the expected decline in sugar beet production by a third, to 26.8 thousand hectares, the sown area for this crop has been increased.The total land bank of the Concern in 2021 exceeded 242 thousand hectares. “The agro-industrial complex is becoming an increasingly technological segment of the economy. The innovations that are now being actively introduced in agriculture allow not only increasing the harvest, but doing it in a systematic manner and reducing dependence on the vagaries of nature, which this year has clearly shown,” said Agribusiness Manager of the Concern Group of Companies “Pokrovsky” Stanislav Kashuba. – Highly efficient agricultural machinery allows you to optimize work processes in the field, to carry them out several times faster and more efficiently. Today, the Concern is actively expanding the scale of its activities, increasing the acreage, and introducing new types of crops into the crop rotation. To achieve high results in terms of yield, we are actively introducing advanced technologies and using the most modern equipment. At the moment, in terms of technical equipment, the Concern is one of the leaders in the region. “

On the eve of the agricultural season of 2021, the group of companies purchased 230 units of agricultural machinery, including 18 TORUM 785 combine harvesters, 8 New Holland T7060 tractors, 8 Kuhn Planter III TSR row-crop seeders, 6 Buhler Versatile 3535 and 570 tractors, 10 Amazone UX5200 sprayers, modern seeding complexes Amazone Citan 15001, Amazone DMC9000 and Horsch Pronto NT10, as well as other agricultural equipment. The total volume of investments for these purposes amounted to 1.4 billion rubles.

In addition to sowing and harvesting equipment, within the framework of the modernization program, the Concern Pokrovsky Group acquired irrigation equipment worth almost 100 million rubles, which made it possible to increase the area under irrigation by 550 hectares. Also this year, automatic driving systems from Trimble, the world leader in the field of autopilot technologies, were purchased for the amount of 50 million rubles. Thanks to their use in the sowing campaign, the Concern received perfectly even sowing of sugar beet on its fields, which greatly facilitated the processing and harvesting processes, and also reduced harvest losses by 10%. At the moment, the technical park of the Pokrovsky Concern Group of Companies includes 1560 units of self-propelled equipment, 7600 units of trailed implements and 540 units of trucks of various classes. Press release provided by Pokrovsky Concern Group of Companies. Company information Group of companies “Concern” Pokrovsky “is one of the largest and most efficient agricultural producers in the country and is one of the ten national leaders in terms of basic production indicators. The concern includes 35 enterprises of the Southern Federal District, which conduct production activities in the Rostov Region, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories. The company’s land bank in 2021 exceeded 242 thousand hectares. The priority investment area of ​​the Pokrovsky Concern Group of Companies is agriculture and processing of agricultural products. Agribusiness groups of companies represent 22 farms in 17 districts of the Krasnodar Territory, which are engaged in the production, storage and processing of grain and industrial crops, vegetable growing and orchards, animal husbandry and milk production, pig breeding, sugar production, growing hazelnuts, Styrian pumpkin, as well as the production of compound feed, flour and semolina. The annual gross harvest of agricultural products is 2.5 million tons. The products of the group of companies are in demand not only in the Russian market, but also abroad – the annual export volume grain, oilseeds and industrial crops is more than 400 thousand tons. Press release provided by the press service of the Pokrovsky Concern

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