short story of two little girls

A short story of two little girls is a story that happened with the brothers of As Sunnah Foundation. I like it very much and am sharing it with you.

They two sisters sell a lot of lati ( Vegetable )  in the market.

Assunnah stood away from the foundation’s relief distribution line. Rezaul Bhai of our volunteer team went ahead and asked whether he would take relief.

Said they were small, standing in line, shocked and scared away. Sick father at home told not to rush, to leave without taking relief if necessary.

We saw a lot of lathi in a polythene packet in hand. I learned that the two sisters would sell them in the local market and buy food with what they get.

I asked, how much money will you sell a lot of flowers happily?

Said, they are happy if it is fifty rupees.

We said, if we give a sack of twenty-five kilograms of rice, will you be happy?

Little sister jumped for joy.
He said, are you telling the truth? Our name is not in the list.

We were surprised how such a small girl could understand the list and relief. Children understand many things in a world of scarcity.

When I brought a bag of rice from the truck and said, “It’s for you,” the elder sister cried with joy. Drops of water began to fall from the eyes.

Now the problem is that their house is three kilometers away from here How will two little girls take this bag?

It was decided to take Delwar Bhai’s Prado car and deliver them home.

After getting into the Prado, I said, wipe your tears and smile a little. We will take pictures. People will pray for you after seeing the picture

The two laughed. It felt like a piece of heaven had come down to earth.

they are gone I imagine, a small sack of rice is bringing a flood of joy to a family today.

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