Sornolota medicinal benefit

Tropic Name: Sornolota medicinal benefit

Golden creeper (Sornolota) most people of our country know the name Sornolota. Today we will tell you about the medicinal benefit of Swarlanta.

The identity of Swarnalata

Golden creeper is a parasitic plant. There are no leaves, the body of the creeper is all stems and roots. Propagate from creepers. This naming is like a thin vine of golden color. It has medicinal properties. In many cases the host plant dies.

A molecular study found that the entire plant part of the goldenrod plant is poisonous. It is antifertility, emetic, abortifacient.

A yellow-golden parasitoid plant. In Gramganj it is also known as Zhinlata or Alokalata. This vine is soft, slender and rootless. This creeper can be seen clinging to small and medium height trees.

This vine has a suction organ called haustorium. It takes nutrients from the host plant through sucker organs. It is an annual vine. There are few species in our country. This creeper makes many branches and wraps the whole tree in a very short time. From the flower comes the fruit. Propagation occurs from seeds. The vine is used in folk medicine among the indigenous people of tropical regions of the world including Bangladesh.

Let’s know some Sornolota medicinal benefit

1. Reluctance is removed If reluctance appears in someone’s mouth or if one does not want to eat, boiling golden vine and drinking that water will remove the reluctance.

2. To cure mouth sores If you have sores in your mouth, boil golden vine and gargle with that water, the sores heal quickly.

3. If there is a problem with flatulence, if there is a problem with flatulence in the stomach, crushed seeds of golden vine are beneficial.

4. Worms are good if seeds are collected from golden vine and crushed and eaten, worms are good.

5. Wounds heal quickly If golden vine is crushed and applied to the wound, the wound heals quickly.

6. Jaundice is better. Jaundice is better if you drink it.

Golden vine or Sornolota has several other medicinal properties

7. It is effective in flatulence and colic.

8. Acts as birth control and anthelmintic.

9. Goldenrod extract is very beneficial in flatulence and constipation.

10. Golden vine has been used as a medicine in Ayurvedic medicine. In ancient Indian medicine, it is seen as an aphrodisiac, bile and expectorant, laxative, carminative, anthelmintic, anti-scaly.

11. In different countries of the world, it is known about the use of golden vine to cure difficult diseases such as bone treatment, jaundice, blood pressure, diabetes, liver disease, itching, breathing problems, cancer etc.

12. It has been considered as one of the antioxidants in current research.

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