Soul Control Techniques

Spirit or Soul Control Techniques

It is very important for all of us to know the techniques of controlling the soul. We will all die one day. Because Allah says in the Quran that every living being must taste death. And after death all the punishment will be given only on the soul.

Our soul or nafs is more inclined towards the bad advice that Satan gives us. Satan makes what is harmful to us attractive to us. As a result our nafs or soul becomes a follower of Satan. So to survive this we need to know about the technique of controlling the soul. The Spirit or Soul Control Techniques under below

15 techniques to control your soul

1. Practice not sleeping after Fajr. Kailula (light afternoon nap) can be done if needed.

2. Make a habit of eating maximum three times a day. Habijabi food – such as fast food, street food cannot be eaten between breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you feel hungry, you can eat dates and apples.

3. At each meal, eat a little less than what seems like enough food.

4. Avoid talking unnecessarily. Before making any comments, think once you say this, is there any loss? What must be said? If the answer is no; No need to say that.

5. Recite morning and evening Zikir-Azkar.

6. Make a habit of performing Ishraq prayer.

7. Practice reading the Quran regularly every day. May be 1 ruku to 1 para – any amount.

8. Reduce the amount of sleep.

9. Practice some exercise after Fajr. If you can’t do anything else, jog for 15-20 minutes and take a bath and practice Ishraq prayer.

10. Keep your eyes down. If not, try your best to avoid those places.

11. Less use of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter (social media).

12. Take one target daily of Hifz. It can also be one verse per day But the target must be met. It is very very important.

13. Eating on a full stomach especially at night should be avoided

14. At night before going to sleep perform ablution and perform two rakat nafal salat and keep reciting Astaghfirullah until you fall asleep.

15. Practice Tahajjud Salat regularly. Inshallah, Rabbe Karim will calm your heart.

May Almighty Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant me and all of us the ability to act on every word written first. Amen


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