South Korea is preparing to test a home-made space rocket for the first time


South Korea is preparing for its first domestic space rocket test. Its officials said it was an important step in following the satellite launch program.

When the rocket will be launched

If weather and other conditions prevail, the three-stage Nuri rocket was scheduled to launch around 4 p.m. A dummy payload – 1.5 tons of stainless steel and aluminum blocks – aimed at orbiting 600 to 700 kilometers above the earth.

South Korea’s Ministry of Science said engineers built the 48-meter (154-foot) rocket on a launch pad at the country’s only spaceport, the Noro Space Center, on a small island off its southern coast on Wednesday night.

Since its launch in the 1990s, relying on other countries, South Korea is now trying to become the tenth country to launch a satellite into space with its own technology. Officials say such capabilities will be important for the country’s space ambitions.


South Korea plans to launch a rocket into space

These include plans to send more advanced communications satellites and acquire their own military intelligence satellites. The country has said it will send a probe to the moon by 2030.

Nuri is the country’s first space launch vehicle built entirely on indigenous technology. The three-stage rocket is powered by five 75-ton rocket engines placed in its first and second stages. It is designed to place 1.5 tons of payloads in an orbit of 600 to 800 kilometers above the earth.

Scientists and engineers at the Korea Aerospace Institute plan to test Nuri further. To launch another with the help of a dummy device in May 2022 before attempting with the original satellite to avoid unintentional accidents.

South Korea had earlier launched a space launch vehicle from Narrow Spaceport in 2013. It was a two-stage rocket built with Russian technology. The launch comes after years of delays and successive failures – the Narrow Rocket. Reached the desired height during the first test in 2009 but failed to get the satellite out of orbit. The second test in 2010 exploded shortly after takeoff.

It is unclear how North Korea will develop long-range missile technology and react to Thursday’s launch. They are under pressure to expand their nuclear and missile programs. But North Korea’s growing defense spending continues to rise.


Moreover, it showed sensitivity towards efforts to build powerful conventional armed missiles. In a speech to Pyongyang’s rubber-stamp parliament last month. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un accused the United States and South Korea of ​​”destabilizing and destabilizing” the region through their cooperative military activities and US-led “building additional weapons.”

Although Nuri is powered by liquid propellant which requires fuel shortly before launch. South Koreans plan to build a solid-fuel space launch rocket by 2024. Perhaps it could be prepared for a faster launch and also be more affordable.

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নবজাতকের প্রতি করণীয় বিষয়াদি

নবজাতকের প্রতি করণীয় বিষয়াদি

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