Habitable planet :the planets suitable for life outside the solar system


For hundreds of years, people have been searching for Habitable planet and aslo the answer to this question: Are we the only human beings in this universe, or is there someone else like us on another planet?

The possibility of stay cannot be ruled out. If there is no one, then the appearance of man on this earth is a cosmic accident. But if there are any, the question is why we have never met them!

NASA scientist said. Amitabh Ghosh says the limitations of spacecraft and human lifespan are a big factor. “The spacecraft we’ve built are much slower than the size of the universe. Voyager’s journey began in 1986. The Habitable planet now a bit out of the solar system.

But there’s a debate over its definition of where the solar system ends. Light-day. But the nearest sun is four light-years away. ” “So imagine that it would take us millions of years to get there. It’s inside our Milky Way. But if you want to go to another solar system, it’s billions of light-years away. Will we live so many years?”

Habitable planet

Dr. Ghosh’s question. “It may take two billion years to reach a planet outside the solar system. Mankind may not live that long,” he said.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have recently discovered these Habitable planet many light-years away from Earth.

These newly discovered planets are called ‘Hyacinth Exoplanets’.

The planets orbiting other stars outside the solar system are called exoplanets. And the word Haisian comes from a combination of the words hydrogen and ocean.

That is, the planets that have hydrogen and oceans are called hyacinth planets. About 4,000 exoplanets have been found so far, according to NASA estimates. NASA scientist said.

Amitabh Ghosh said, “There are about one trillion suns in each solar system. And there are about one trillion solar systems in this universe. As a result, there are one trillion trillions of suns in this universe. It’s easy to guess. ” Countless more planets are revolving around these suns. These are called exoplanets.

It is not yet possible to know much about these planets outside the solar system. Some exoplanets can only be seen with the Hubble Telescope. The existence of a planet is known only when it passes in front of the sun. It is also possible to know how far away these planets are. Research on such planets has been underway in astronomy since the 1990s.

Dr. Ghosh said, “We have sent missions to the Habitable planet in our solar system, or we have flown past them. So it is possible to know a little bit about them. But very little is known about exoplanets. But what these planets are made of, what kind of there There are elements – these can be guessed. ” He added “Otherwise there’s something that can only be seen visually.”

Habitable planet

Astronomers at the University of Cambridge say that the planets they discovered are the Hyacinth Planet, meaning that these planets are surrounded by the ocean and have a large amount of hydrogen in their atmosphere. Since these planets have oceans, is there a possibility of life there?

Astronomer Amitabh Ghosh says, “Life requires water, without water there is no life – this is a hypothesis of ours. But this hypothesis may be wrong. Because we have not seen any life outside of one life.” “Since there is water on those planets, we can say that there is a habitable environment. That means if there is life, it can live. It will not die,” he said.

Scientists say most of life on Earth was at sea. This life came ashore from the sea 400 million years ago. “There may be life on the ocean floor where sunlight does not reach. There is no suitable environment for photo-synthetic life.

But there may be other types of life that can derive life energy from chemical reactions.” Astronomers say most of the planets they have discovered are larger and warmer than Earth. According to these scientists, one side of some of these planets is permanently dark. There is never a day. But on the other hand permanently illuminated. That means there is never night in that part of the planet.


The reason behind this is that these planets do not revolve around the earth as it revolves around itself. But apart from these two parts, the part where there is shadow, that is, where there is both light and darkness, is much more likely to find life. Because they are very close to the star they are orbiting. Cambridge University astronomer led the study.

Nikku Madhusudhan. He says their discovery opens the door to new possibilities for life elsewhere in space. The pressure and temperature in the hydrogen-rich atmosphere are thought to be very high in other previously discovered planets or exoplanets outside the solar system.

As a result, it is difficult for life to exist there. But the planets that have recently been discovered, scientists say, have the kind of environment that is conducive to life. Researchers say that these planets are two and a half times larger than Earth and have a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius.

However, the environment of the oceans on those planets is much like the oceans of the earth. Therefore, the possibility of the existence of life in the exoplanets that have the sea can not be denied. But the question is how far are these exoplanets? Scientists say they are located 35 to 150 light-years from Earth.



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