The Soul After Death – Proved by Hadish

The Soul After Death

The Soul After Death

One day a companion of the Prophet (PBUH) died. The Holy Prophet (SAW) performed his funeral and then a group of Companions brought the dead body to the graveyard for burial. Our Prophet (SAW) also walked with them.

Two companions started digging the grave
Everyone is sitting around the dead body
Waiting till the grave digging is done
Everyone is quiet, silent and a calm situation

The Prophet was looking at the graves with deep attention and after a while he looked at everyone and asked, “Do you know what happens to a person’s soul after he dies?”

Everyone was very interested and said to the Prophet,
– O Messenger of Allah! Tell us

The Prophet remained silent for a while. Everyone came to him and sat around him. They did not know what happens to the soul after death. Today you will hear it from the mouth of the Prophet. What a great fortune. Everyone eagerly came to the Prophet to listen.

He looked at the grave once and raised his head to look at the sky
Then he started telling the story

“Listen, when a man is on his death-bed, he is afraid of the angel of death; but to the faithful and good man the angel of death greets him with a smiling face, comforts him, and sits by his head slowly and carefully. Then, looking at the almost dead man, he says,
– O Holy Spirit! You accept the forgiveness and love of your Lord and come out of this body

When the soul of the believer comes out, he does not feel any kind of pain and suffering
The Prophet gave a better example and said,
-Think of a water jug ​​being filled to the brim as a drop of water falls silently from above, just as the soul comes out of its body silently and effortlessly.
At that time two other angels brought from heaven a white sheet of soft thread, anointed with perfume, and they wrapped the soul in that sheet and took it to the sky.

When they reached the sky other angels came forward to see the soul
Come near and say, Subhanallah! What a beautiful soul, what a beautiful scent!
Then everyone wants to know,
-Whose soul is this?
In reply the spirit-bearing angels said,
-He is, “Fulan Ibn Fulan”
(The Prophet said in Arabic, in Bengali, “So-and-so’s son is so-and-so”)
The rest of the priests then salute the spirit, then ask again,
– What did he do? Why is his soul so fragrant?
The angel who carries the soul then said,
– We heard people saying below, he was a good man, a good servant of God, very kind, he did a lot of good to people.

After saying this, the Prophet stopped a little

Then with a good look at everyone, he raised his voice a little and said, that’s why I’m saying, be careful! But you will never misbehave with people

Whatever people say about you after you die, these spirit-carrying angels will go to heaven and say the same to others.

After saying this he kept quiet again and looked at the grave

I started to say again

At this time, when people prepare the dead body for burial on earth by bathing, Allah Ta’ala will say to the angels who carry the soul, “Go, now put this soul back into its body, I created man from clay, put his soul back in the clay body.” I will bring him back to life again when the time comes.

Then after leaving the dead body in the grave, two angels will come, their names are Munkar and Nakir
They will ask about the creator of the deceased, his religion and the Prophet

After Munkar Nakir left,
The soul will again be lonely in the dark grave
He will wait in a kind of unknown apprehension. Where is it? What will you do? An uncertainty surrounds him

At that time he will see, a very beautiful person has come to visit him at his grave
After seeing him, the soul will be very impressed. His face is so enchanting and beautiful, he has never seen it in his life

The soul will see him and ask,
– Who are you?
That man will say,
– I have brought you very good news, you have passed the test of the world, Allah Ta’ala has arranged Paradise for you, do you want to see it?
The soul will be very happy and say,
– Of course I want to see, show me a little paradise
The man will say,
– Look to your right
The soul will look to the right and see that the wall of the tomb is no longer there. Through the door of that wall, a beautiful heaven can be seen far away.
Seeing this form of heaven, the soul will be very impressed and will get peace
And anxious to go there would ask the man,
-When will I go there? how to go
The man would smile softly and say,
– When the time is right, you will go there and be there. For now, you have to wait until the last day. Do not be afraid. I am with you. I will accompany you until that day.

The soul will then ask him again,
– But who are you?
Then the man will say,
– I am the form of your deeds, all your good deeds in the world, all your virtues, today you see me as a companion, Allah sent me here to accompany you.
Saying this, the man will caress the spirit
and say,
– O Holy Spirit! Now you sleep in peace and rest in peace

After saying this, the soul will glance at the heavens and once in this gaze will fall asleep in deep tranquility.

After saying this, the Prophet stopped a little
The Companions then wiped their wet eyes with their cloths

(Based on two hadiths of Bukhari and Musnad)

May Allah grant us Tawfiq to be the Holy Spirit………Ameen

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