The story of a beggar

The story of a beggar and our situation is an educational story. Read carefully and understand with your head.


An old woman used to beg in front of a mosque every day.

One day after the prayer, the imam of the mosque came out and asked him, “Why do you beg?” You are a woman from a well-to-do family, your son also earns very well.”

The woman said, “You know my husband died a year ago, and I have only one son, he has been abroad for 8 months.
He was giving me money, then the money ran out. Now I have no choice but to beg.”

Imam said, “Why?
Does he not send you money anymore?

The old woman said, “No, but he sends me a small colored picture every month.”
Which I fondly kiss and hang on the wall as a memory of her.”

The matter seemed strange to Imam Sahib.
What a picture!
Why is sending pictures instead of sending money!?
The Imam decided to go to the old woman’s house. One day when he went to the old lady’s house and looked at the wall of the house, Imam Sahib was surprised.
He saw that the colorful pictures on the wall were actually dollar checks, each worth $1,000. But women being uneducated did not understand what they were, and how to use them. The woman used to beg but she didn’t know how much valuable wealth she had in her house!


Isn’t the story of a beggar a little strange?

The story of a beggar is just like our life.
We all have a precious book named Holy Quran Sharif at home but many people do not read this Holy Quran Sharif, just wrap it in a gilaf and kiss it and keep it carefully on the shelf.
Many people read the Holy Quran but never want to know what is actually said in its Arabic letters. Why is this Holy Quran given?
We run around the world desperately, how many places we go to how many people in search of happiness, peace and success.

How many places do we protest for happiness and peace!!!

But the precious book like Holy Quran Sharif, the solution book of all problems, the right guide for the success of this world and the hereafter, why I know that even in our house, it remains out of the sight and attention of many people!!! Nowjubillah!

When will this confusion and indifference end…?

May Almighty Allah grant us all the blessings of reading the Holy Quran everyday, understanding the Holy Quran and building a rich life with the teachings of the Holy Quran. amen

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