Top 10 refrigerator companies in the world

Top 10 refrigerator companies in the world

Top 10 refrigerator companies in the world

Knowing about the top 10 refrigerator companies in the world in 2022 will be very important for you. Top 10 Refrigerator Companies in the World Today May Change Your Refrigerator Buying Decision. The world’s leading refrigerator companies are gradually creating competition in the refrigerator market with their latest technology.

We all want to buy an updated refrigerator to make our life easier. So of course, if refrigerator brands offer their best gadgets and appliances at affordable prices, everyone wants to grab them.

We bring you the top 10 best fridge company brands of 2022 that will change the way you look. If you go through this entire article thoroughly, you will surely come up with ideas that are of great use for a simpler life.

Check out the world’s best and top 10 fridge company brands in 2022 with brand rankings.

01. Whirlpool Corporation


This huge corporation of Whirlpool is a famous company brand mainly for manufacturing refrigerators and freezers.

The company sells about 70 million products annually with huge profits. Again, this classic brand performs at its peak and with all the conveniences that a state-of-the-art refrigerator can provide. If you want refrigerator accessories and quality, high performance convenience, you should really go for this refrigerator brand. Let’s see small but luxurious kitchen design ideas.

Top 10 refrigerator companies in the world

Total value: $21 billion
Brand Origin: USA
Date of Establishment : 11 November 1911
Company founders: Emory Upton and Louis Upton
Chairman and CEO: Mark Bitzer
Headquarters: Benton Charter Township, Michigan, USA
Total number of employees: 92,000
Popular models: 36-Inch Wide Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator – 24cu. ft.
Best Product: 36-inch 4-Door French Door Refrigerator WRX735SDBM
Other Manufacturing Faculty: 9 in the United States (Cleveland, Tennessee; Amana, Iowa; Clyde, Ohio; Findlay, Ohio; Fall River, Massachusetts, etc.)

02. KitchenAid

Total cost: 6 billion US dollars
Brand Origin: USA
Company Established: 1919
Company Founder: Hobart Manufacturing Company
Current Owner: Whirlpool Corporation
Previous owner: Hobart Corporation
Headquarters: Benton Harbor, MI
Business Scope: Worldwide
Ambassadors: Whirlpool Corporation, Meyer Corporation (bake and cookware), Lifetime Brands Inc. for gadgets.
Number of Employees: 16,700
Number of companies: 346 companies
Production area: South Carolina, Indiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Ontario, Quebec, North America, China, etc.
Some of the best products offered are: 9-Speed ​​Digital Hand Mixer, Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer, Pro Line Series Blender, with Manual High Lift Lever and Digital, Display, 2-Speed ​​Hand Blender etc.
Best KitchenAid Refrigerator: KitchenAid 29.5 Cubic-Foot Black Stainless Refrigerator
Major Brands: KitchenAid itself is a major brand under Whirlpool Corporation.

03. LG Electronics

LG is the abbreviation of Lucky Goldstar. But it is mostly known for its short form and is famous worldwide due to its innovative and high quality manufacturers. This Korean brand has gained fame because it offers more benefits at a lower cost which is a lot of benefits for the middle class people.

This brand excels in providing the best service with spacious storage and sturdy shelves. Already this brand has got the highest rank with 4.4 rating and many special reviews from customers which are very valuable. If you want to go for a brand whose first priority is honesty towards its customers, then you should blindly go for the LG brand.

Total Value: 50 Billion USD
Brand origin: South Korea
Date of Establishment: January 5, 1947
Company Owner: Kwang-Mo Koo
Company Founder: Koo In-Hoi
Current CEO: William Cho
Delivery Office: LG Twin Tower 128, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdungpo District, Seoul, South Korea
Major Products: Home Appliances, Electronics, Power Generation and Other Appliances
Area Restrictions: Internationally
Number of Employees: More than 75000 people are employed
Best Products: LG Instaview ThinQ Smart Refrigerator, SmartThinQ with LG Top Load Washer and Dryer Pair, LG Signature OLED TV 4K HDR Smart TV (W8), LG OLED TV 4K HDR Smart TV etc.
Best LG Refrigerator: LG 420L 4 Star Free Double Door Fridge
Joint Venture: Hitachi-LG Data Storage
Brand Ambassadors: David Warner, Akshay Kumar and Akshay Khanna

04. Samsung Electronics

Samsung is one of the best companies in South Korea. The best of the world’s 10 refrigerator companies is our Samsung company. The Samsung refrigerator is not crowded as an optimal fridge. This Samsung brand offers its customers all the frequent conveniences they need to cope with the weather.

Its refrigerators are well spaced, have no shortage of power, are economical in nature, and look great. The brand has already achieved its next era by uploading new features and models to convince the customers at the most reasonable prices.

Total Company Value: 500 billion USD
Brand origin: South Korea
Founded: January 13, 1969
Company Founder: Lee Byeong-chul
Current CEO: Kwon Oh-Hyun
Key Person: Tarun Sohan (President)
Headquarters: Samsung Digital City, Yeongdong District, Suwon, South Korea
Some of the main products: LCD and LED panels, NAND flash, mobile phones, commercial refrigerators, etc.
Business Scope: Worldwide
Annual revenue: 221.6 billion US dollars
Operating income: 53.5 billion US dollars
Net income: 40.4 billion US dollars
Net worth: 308.5 billion US dollars
Number of Employees: 287,439
Best Product: Side-by-Side Refrigerator, Best Style: Samsung 4-Door Fridge with Flex Zone, Samsung French Door Fridge, etc.
Best Samsung Refrigerators: Best Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerators
Manufacturing plant: South Korea

05. Panasonic Corporation

This Japanese company has come up with products that are healthy for an easy life. It has created a milestone in the path of creativity in technology. From electric brushes to electric easy hand refrigerators, this company has made its customers as happy as bees with honey.

It has invented the largest flat-screen TV with an eye-friendly brightness of light and has also won many awards. The company itself is healthy and on its way to being at the forefront of electronic machines and gadgets.

Net worth of the company: 64 billion USD
Brand origin: Japan
Company Established: March 13, 1918
Company Founder: Konsuke Matsushita
Current CEO: Kazuhiro Suga
Headquarters: Kadoma, Osaka, Japan
Some of the popular models are: commercial refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, projectors, broadcast and audio equipment, and so on.
Area Restriction: Worldwide
Number of Employees: 259,385
Best Products: Portable Television UN-19Z1, Compact Camera DMC-TZ100, FM-AM 2 Band Receiver RF-TJ20, Stereo Headphones Technics EAH-T700, Oral Irrigators etc.
Subsidiary Companies: 580
Best Panasonic Refrigerator Model : Panasonic 342 Ltrs NR BU 343 MNX4 Frost Free Double Door Fridge
Manufacturing Plant: Okasa, Japan.

06. Hitachi

Hitachi refrigerators have been giving a good service worldwide in terms of durability and its wide range of services. From designing the outer materials to the optimal cooling performance of the inner machine, Hitachi plays as a great player. The inverter that the corporation uses is also efficient in current flow. Each refrigerator is made in different sizes according to the price. Apart from refrigerators, this brand is also gaining reputation for its other electronic services.

Net worth of the company: 52 billion USD
Brand origin: Japan
Founded: 1908
Chairman: Hiroki Nakanishi
Company Founder: Namihei Odaira
Current CEO: Toshiaki Higashihara
Headquarters: Chiyoda Ku Tokyo, Japan
Some of the best products are: Telecom, Information Systems, Mechanical Equipment, Refrigerators, etc.
Business Scope: Worldwide
Number of Employees: 280,714
Some of the best models: Hitachi Refrigerator R-BG410P6PB (GBK), Hitachi RSB418AAD 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner, Refrigerator R-V420P3PB (SLS), Hitachi CH 10 DL (CG)-Set Akku-Heckenschere/ Grastrimmer4, etc.
Best Hitachi Refrigerator: Hitachi R-W720FPND1X 638 Ltr Double Door Fridge.
Manufacturing Plant: Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

07. Electrolux

Since 1919, the Electrolux brand has continued its legacy through another layer. This brand expresses its purpose through a slogan which is “Shape Living for the Better”. With an emphasis on the word “Better”, this brand inspires its progeny to go a long way to provide better medical care to the world through electronic devices. This brand has earned its name by providing refrigerators with high performance and efficient energy.

Net worth of the company: $84 billion
Brand Country: Sweden
Established: 1919
Chairman: Staffan Bohmann
Owner: Investors AB
Company Founder: Alex Weiner-Gren
Current CEO: Jonas Samuelsson
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Products: Large and small appliances (refrigerators, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc.)
Business Scope: Worldwide
Number of Employees: 38,653
Best Products: PURE F9 Vacuum Cleaner, Electrolux Quick Select Dishwasher, AEG VX9 Vacuum Cleaner, Clean & Green Rack Type Dishwasher etc.
Best Electrolux Refrigerator: Electrolux 524L French Door
Manufacturing Plant: North America

08. Robert Bosch GmbH

The Robert Bosch GmbH refrigerator brand keeps its focus on making life healthy, fresh and stunning by offering the best appliances. The materials used by this company are well made by hand.

The products are very tough and their vibrant structure is really worth appreciating. On one hand, it is able to give you your picture-perfect and top-notch ingredients. On the other hand, it is affordable and easy to use.

Net worth of the company: 60 billion US dollars
Brand Country: Germany
Founded: 1886
Company Founder: Robert Bosch
Current CEO: Stefan Hartung
Headquarters: Robert-Bosch-Platz 1, 70839 Gerlingen, Germany
Products: Engineering electronics, refrigerators, power tools, small and large appliances, etc.
Scope of Business: Worldwide
Number of Employees: 395,000
Some of the best products: Bosch GWS 600 Professional Angle Grinder, Bosch GSB 600 RE 13mm 600 Watt Smart Drill Kit, Bosch Screwdriver, Bosch KDN43V34FFRI Door Free Doub Star Free Doub 334.
Best Bosch Refrigerator: Bosch KAD92SB30 639 L Inverter Frost Free Side by Side Door Refrigerator
Manufacturing Factory: Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany
Subsidiary companies: at least 17, including; Neff, Thermador, etc

09. Haier

If you are looking for a budget-friendly refrigerator and you don’t know which brand to go with, then this brand is definitely a suitable option for you. This affordable company still manages to rank among the top ten refrigerator brands with sheer hard work. This top-notch brand is more than enough to meet your needs with reasonable cost and high performance approach.

Top 10 refrigerator companies in the world

Net worth of the company: 16 billion USD
Origin of the brand: China
Established: 1984
Company founder: Zhang Ruimin
Company CEO: Zhang Ruimin
Headquarters: Qingdao, China
Products: Minor and major components, commercial heating, air coolers, and refrigerators.
Business Scope: Worldwide
Number of Employees: 76,400
Best Products: Haier 270 L 3S Double Door Refrigerator, Haier 139cm 55 Inch 4K UHD LED TV, Haier 8Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Wash etc.
Best Haier Refrigerator: Haier HRD-1954BS-R Refrigerator
Manufacturing Factory: Qingdao, China

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Brand Ranking Brand Name Brand Country
8.6 Whirlpool Corporation United States
8.6 KitchenAid United States
8.5 LG Electronics South Korea
8.4 Samsung Electronics South Korea
8.4 Panasonic Corporation Japan
8.4 Hitachi Japan
8.3 Electrolux Sweden
8.2 Bosch German
8.0 Haier China
8.0 Maytag United States

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