Triple Filter Test Story by Socrates

Triple Filter Test Story

Do you know about Socrates? There is no doubt that he was very wise. Today I will tell you a very beautiful story. The story is Socrates Triple Filter Test Story .

One day an acquaintance of his came to Socrates and said, “Do you know what I heard about your friend?”

“Wait a minute,” said Socrates, not quite interested.

Before you tell me anything you have to pass a little test; The name of this test is Triple Filter Test Story .

The man asked in surprise, “Triple filter!?

What is this thing again?”

Socrates said, “Before you tell me anything about my friend, you’d better filter what you say.
I call it the ‘triple filter test’ as it will filter in three stages. The first filter is ‘Truthfulness’.
Are you sure what you say is true?”

The man said, “No, that’s all I heard. Not sure if it’s completely true.”

“Okay,” said Socrates.
So you don’t know if it’s true?
Now the second filter. The name of this filter is ‘Goodness’. Is what you say about my friend a good thing?”

The man hesitated and said,
“No, not good, something bad.”

Socrates said, “That means you’ve come to say something bad about my friend that you’re not even sure is true. Well, you might still pass the test. Because filter number three remains. It’s “Usefulness.”
Will what you say about my friend be of any use to me or to you?”

“No, not like that,” said the man. “It’s not likely to benefit either me or you.”

Socrates then calmly said “Well, what you want to say is not true, not good, and will not do me or you any good.
So why do we waste time on unnecessary work? We shall try to use our time truthfully, goodness and usefulness. Let’s spend the time doing something good.”

The man left without saying anything.
Source: Jennifer Cook O’Toole, The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules Guide to life.

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