Type of communication

Type of communication

Different Types/ kinds of Communication

Different types of communication system are found in different kinds of organization. The types of communication differ from organization to organization depending upon the nature of information to be communicated and the purpose of communication. Communication mainly takes the form of i) Formal Communication and ii) Informal Communication. Formal communication follows the chain and command. It consists of downward communication, upward communication and horizontal communication. Many communication scholars view the type of communication basing on the direction or flow of the message only and as such they classify communication to be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, Different types of communications are shown in the unbar below.

Type of communication

a. On the basis of expression/ method / media

b. On the basis of Flow of information

c. On the basis of organizational Relationship

a. on the basis of expression /method / media

there are two types of communication on the basis of expression/method/media.

1. verbal Communication

verbal communication are also two types which are i) Oral Communication and ii) Written Communication

2. Non Verbal Communication

there are different type of Non Verbal Communication which are i) Visual ii) Audio iii) Audio Visual iv) Gesture v) Passive and vi) Communication through action

b. on the basis of Flow of information

there are three types of Communication on the basis of Flow of Information

1. Horizontal Communication

2. Vertical Communication

Vertical Communication are also two different types which are i) Upward Communication and ii) Downward Communication.

3.Crosswise Communication

c. on the basis of organizational Relationship

there are two types of communication on the basis of organizational Relationship, which are

1. Formal Communication

2. Informal communication

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