Umme Aiman Baraka's Story

Umme Aiman Baraka’s Story : Do you remember Baraka? Who was he? He is one of the closest people to the greatest prophet of Islam, Muhammad (PBUH). Let’s know about him

Umme Aiman Baraka’s Story

This story is the story of a black African girl. How the girl became a ‘mother’ one day is the story.

Abdullah, the father of our Prophet, one day went to the market of Makkah to buy something. At one place, he saw a man with some slaves standing on the side of the road selling them. Abdullah saw standing there, with them, a little nine-year-old black African Abyssinian girl. Abdullah was very impressed by the girl, she was a little thin but she was looking at me with an enchanting and helpless gaze. He thought Amena was alone in the house, she would have a companion if she was around. With this in mind, he bought the girl.

Abdullah and Amena loved the girl very much. used to love And they noticed that more mercy and blessings came to their family than before. For this reason, Abdullah and Amena affectionately named the girl “Barakah”.

Umme Aiman Baraka’s Story

Then one day Abdullah, on business, left for Syria. That was his last farewell with Amena.
After two and one days of his journey, Amena saw in a dream one night that a star in the sky was very bright and fell on his lap. The next morning he told Baraka about this dream.
Baraka smiled softly in reply, “My mind says you will have a beautiful baby” Amena still didn’t know she was pregnant but after a few days she realized that Baraka’s idea was true.

Abdullah never came back, died on the way to Syria. During Amena’s time of sorrow and suffering, Baraka was the only closest companion
At some point Amena’s wait was over and she gave birth to our beloved Prophet.
According to the narration of “Sheikh Omar Sulaiman”, the person who first had the good fortune to see and touch our Prophet, that is this little black African slave girl, handed our Prophet into Amena’s lap with her hands, joyfully and joyfully said,
“I imagined her to be like the moon but now I see she is more beautiful than the moon”

This is Barakah. He was thirteen years old when the Prophet was born. He took care of the child Prophet with Amena, bathed him, helped him to feed him, put him to sleep with caress.

Amena, dying, held Baraka’s hand and begged him to watch and listen to her child. Baraka did so. Losing both his parents, Yatim Nabiji moved to his grandfather Abdul Mottalib’s house. Nabiji is the new boss of Baraka through inheritance. But he released Baraka one day, saying,
“You can go wherever you want, you are free and free now. “From that childhood, the Prophet wanted to eliminate this slave system. Baraka refused to leave the Prophet. remained Baraka stayed by Nabiji’s side as his mother’s shadow. Even Nabiji’s grandfather tried several times to get her married but she refused. He said the same thing, “I have promised Amena, I will not go anywhere”! Then one day the Prophet married Khadija (RA) and on the day of the marriage, the Prophet (PBUH) introduced Khadija (RA) to Barakah.

He said, “She is another mother after my mother.”

After the marriage, the Prophet (PBUH) called Baraka one day and said,
“Ummy! Now I have Khadijah to take care of me, now you must marry me.” (The Prophet called her Ummi, not by name) Then the Prophet (PBUH) and Khadijah married her to Ubayd Ibn Zayd. After some days, Baraka had a son of his own. , Name Ayman I From then on Baraka’s new name became “Umme Ayman”I
One day when Baraka’s husband Ubaid died, the Prophet took Ayman and Baraka to his house and allowed them to stay there. After some time, the Prophet called several companions and said, “I know a woman who has no wealth, is old and has an orphaned child with her, but she is a paradise. Are there any of you who want to marry a paradise woman?” Hearing this, Zayd Ibn Harisa (RA) came to the Prophet and proposed marriage. The Prophet arranged the marriage by talking to Umm Ayman. On the day of the wedding, the Prophet (PBUH) hugged Zayd to his chest with joy and love, wet eyes and tears in his voice and said, “Whom have you married, Zayd?” Yes, to Umm Aiman. Zaid’s answer.

The Prophet said, “No, you are married to my ‘mother'”!

The companions used to say,
The Prophet (PBUH) could never be forced to eat. He didn’t like it. But Umm Ayman was the only woman who used to urge the Prophet (PBUH) to give him food saying “Eat”. I
Just as when the Prophet (PBUH) saw his nursing mother Halimah, he would open his cloak and let Halima sit on it, just like when Umm Aiman ​​was tired after the long journey after Hijrah to Madinah, the Prophet soaked a part of his cloak in water, the sweat on Umm Aiman’s face and He wiped the dust with his hand and said, “Ummi! You will have no such trouble in Paradise.”

The Prophet said many things to the Companions before his death. One of those words was about Umm Ayman. He said, “You will take care of Umm Ayman, she is like my mother. She is the only woman who has seen me from birth to the end. By my side was I “The Companions kept that word” I

Not the color of the skin, not a slave girl of a time, her identity is like another mother of the Prophet, they kept this old woman with love.

Story source: Ibn Hisham and Sheikh Omar Sulaiman, “Woman who cared forever”

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