Underwater Accident : US nuclear submarine got into

Underwater Accident in china sea.This Underwater Accident was happened by American nuclear submarine.
A dangerous incident, fraught with a major environmental disaster, took place in the South China Sea with the participation of an American nuclear submarine (nuclear submarine). As it became known from a short message published on October 8 by the US 7th Fleet (responsible for operations in the western Pacific and eastern Indian Ocean), the Connecticut submarine collided with something unknown underwater, as a result of which various injuries and injuries sustained 11 members her crew. All the details of what happened, for obvious reasons, are kept by the Pentagon in strict confidence.
The US defense department only clarified that the Seawolf-class multipurpose submarine that struck the NGO – an unidentified underwater object – was in a “safe and stable” state, and the nuclear reactor and other critical systems of the ship were not damaged.
However, the fact that after the collision the submarine hobbled to the US Navy base in Guam for a week exclusively on the surface, probably speaks of the significant damage caused to the front of the Connecticut nuclear submarine, which directly affected the boat’s handling and its ability to dive. Olivier Douliery / REUTERS Taliban hold talks with US in Qatar Noting that a “full investigation of the incident in international waters will be carried out,” the US military did not say a word about exactly where the “underwater accident” occurred in the Indo-Pacific region, nor about the depth or speed of the ship.
There are many technical and military reasons for this, but politics seems to play a key role. In the context of the agreement between Washington and Beijing, confirmed by Reuters, to hold a virtual summit of the leaders of the United States and China by the end of this year, the American side is extremely interested in not drawing much attention to this incident and “letting it go.” Meanwhile, what exactly Connecticut did in the South China Sea, part of which China seeks to assert sovereignty by securing its rights to a 200-mile exclusive economic zone, remains a big question.
Perhaps it was about the routine patrolling of the American nuclear submarine in the area of ​​the Malacca Strait, which is most important for Beijing (through which about 60 percent of Chinese trade and up to 80 percent of Chinese imports of hydrocarbons pass). However, taking into account the known facts about the basing of strategic submarine missile carriers of the PRC in this area (from there they go to the operational space of the Pacific Ocean), most likely, the low-noise Connecticut carried out surveillance, secretly studying the acoustic tracks of the ships of a potential enemy, primarily modern Chinese nuclear missile cruisers class “Jin” (project 094).
Unsurprisingly, official Beijing called on the United States to immediately disclose information about the underwater accident to the international community. “China is deeply concerned about this incident. The United States and other countries involved should provide relevant details, including the exact location of the incident, the purpose of this trip, details of what the submarine encountered, whether there was a radiation leak and whether it was caused harm to the environment, “- quoted the words of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Zhao Lijian newspaper South China Morning Post.
According to the Chinese diplomat, the Americans “are delaying the publication of information about this incident and are trying to hush it up, they are acting opaque and irresponsible.” It is clear that the United States will not reveal all the cards of what happened to Connecticut – it is not in the rules of the Americans to give out military secrets about its submarine forces
It is clear that the United States will not reveal all the cards of what happened to Connecticut – it is not in the rules of the Americans to give out military secrets about its submarine forces.
However, the question of how a collision, dangerous with its unpredictable consequences, could have happened on a relatively modern submarine (this nuclear submarine was built in the late 1990s) worries both American and Chinese military experts.
The first admit that the submarine’s hydroacoustic station could not detect a sunken ship or a cargo container directly along the course of the ship. The latter point to a possible collision with an uncharted underwater hill, which in turn indicates both problems with the topography at the headquarters of the US Pacific Fleet and malfunctions in the ship’s equipment.
It is emphasized that such incidents have already taken place. So, in 2005, the American submarine San Francisco rammed a seamount near Guam at full speed.
Then one died and 24 more sailors were seriously injured, and the entire bow of the ship, according to media reports, turned into a “crumpled can of Coca-Cola”, and only by a miracle the ship escaped destruction. In addition, the collision of the British submarine Vanguard with the French Le Triomphant that occurred in 2009 in the Atlantic in 2009 is still fresh in the memory – both ships were damaged, but remained afloat.
Whatever actually happens to Connecticut in the South China Sea, one thing is clear – the build-up of the military presence of the United States and its allies in this region with an excessive concentration of military craft in a limited geographic space carries serious risks. And it is possible that as a result of the saber rattling right under China’s nose, it is precisely those who purposefully go to the escalation that may suffer as a result.

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