wonderful stories about mothers

Two wonderful stories about mothers : I will share with you today.

first story of two wonderful stories about mothers

An incident of Hazrat Abu Horaira (RA) about the honor of the mother!

One day Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA) came to the Prophet (PBUH) crying. Rasul (PBUH) asked, O Abu Hurairah, why are you crying? Abu Hurairah said, My mother killed me. Rasool (pbuh) said, why did you do something bad?

Abu Hurairah said, “No, my lord, I did not commit any abuse.” It was late to go home from your court, so my mother asked me the reason for the delay, so I told about you. And after hearing your words, mother beat me in anger and said, maybe I will leave my house or maybe I will leave the court of Muhammad (PBUH).

I said, she is my mother. you are old man Keep hitting with as much strength as you have. Kick me out of the house. Yet I cannot leave my Messenger.

Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Your mother threw you out and that’s why you came to complain to me?” I have nothing to do here. Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA) said, O Messenger (PBUH), I have not come here to complain about my mother. Rasul (pbuh) said, then why did you come?

Abu Hurairah said, I know you are the Prophet of God. If you would raise your hands and pray for my mother, so that God may guide my mother. And immediately the Prophet (PBUH) raised his hands and prayed to God, O God! I pray that you guide Abu Huraira’s mother.”

The Prophet (PBUH) prayed and Abu Hurairah was running towards the house. Some people from behind pulled Abu Huraira’s clothes and said, O Abu Huraira! why are you running Then Abu Hurairah said, O Companions, let go of my clothes. Let me run. I am running because I reached first or my Prophet’s dua reached first.

Hazrat Abu Hurairah started knocking on the door. When his mother opened the door from inside, Abu Hurairah saw water dripping down his mother’s white hair. Then the mother said to me, O Abu Horaira! After killing you, I regretted a lot.

I thought to myself that my son has not gone to a bad place. Why did you kill him? I am rather ashamed to kill you.

O Abu Horaira! I took a shower. Take me quickly to the court of Rasool (pbuh). And immediately Abu Hurairah took his mother to the court of the Prophet (PBUH). And his mother recited the Kalima there and became a Muslim.

Parents are the gateway to heaven. If you want, you can destroy the door, or you can protect it. [Tirmidhi]

2nd story

A wonderful incident of mother’s prayer

A wonderful incident of the time of Hazrat Musa (AS).

Hazrat Musa (as) once asked Allah Ta’ala, O Allah!
Who will be with me in paradise? The answer was said, such a butcher! Musa (as) was very surprised to hear the name of the butcher in response. After much searching, Musa (pbuh) found him.

He saw that the butcher is busy selling meat! Finally the butcher wrapped some meat in a cloth. Then he left for home. Musa (a.s.) followed him to his house with permission to find out more about him. The butcher reached home and cooked the meat. Then he made bread and softened it by smearing it with meat broth. Then he entered the inner room and lifted up an old lady who was sleeping. Then he began to stuff his mouth with pieces of bread.

After eating, the old woman said to Kanekane. Butcher smiled. Musa (as) was watching everything from a distance. But, did not understand anything. Musa (as) asked the butcher about the identity of the old woman and her smile. The butcher said, “He is my mother. I cook and feed my mother first after coming from the market.” And, after eating, mother happily came to my ear and prayed to Allah Ta’ala saying, “May Allah Ta’ala grant you Paradise and keep you with Musa (A.S)”! When I heard this prayer, I smiled thinking that where is Musa (A.S.) and where am I?

O Allah, make our mind like that of a butcher, may Allah Ta’ala grant us tawfeek to serve our parents. amen


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