world largest wind turbine

world largest wind turbine

GE Renewable Energy Announces Launch of World’s Largest 14 MW Offshore Wind Turbine in Rotterdam

What’s happening

GE Renewable Energy has launched a prototype 14 MW Haliade-X 14 offshore wind turbine. On October 4, 2021, she began her work in the Netherlands, in the port city of Rotterdam.

Haliade-X 14 260 m high with 107 m blades is an upgraded version of Haliade-X 13, which was certified in January 2021.

The new turbine is capable of generating up to 74 GWh of energy per year, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 52 thousand tons, which is equivalent to the emissions produced by 11 thousand cars per year.

GE Renewable Energy was the first company in the industry to launch a turbine of this capacity.

It is noted that the increase in the capacity of wind turbines is a breakthrough in the wind power sector, since fewer turbines are needed to generate the necessary energy. In addition, it simplifies their operation and maintenance, making renewable energies more affordable for customers and consumers around the world.

Commercial operation of the new wind turbine will begin at Dogger Bank C power plant, 130 km off the north-east coast of England. As part of the project, GE Renewable Energy will install 87 Haliade-X 14 turbines, making it the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

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What does it mean

Alternative energy sources, such as solar or wind power plants, are an environmentally friendly way to provide households with electricity without harming the environment. One of the promising areas of renewable energy is the construction of offshore wind farms built in shallow seas.

Photo: Orbital Marine Power Green economy How the world’s most powerful tidal turbine works Offshore wind power is currently a fairly expensive source of energy – the hefty costs of building and operating turbines result in high energy costs and less prevalence. However, experts predict that due to optimization of production costs and an increase in capacity, this sector expects prices to decline by 37–49% until 2050.

Haliade-X 14 is currently the most powerful offshore turbine in operation, but manufacturers around the world believe that 14 MW is not the limit. For example, China’s Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited has announced the development of a giant MySE 16.0-242 turbine with a height of 242 m and a capacity of 16 MW. The company promises that the 118-meter blades will be able to cover an area of ​​46 thousand square meters. m. It is assumed that MySE 16.0-242 will be built in 2022, but commercial production will begin only in 2024.

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